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As with much of this culture, you can't help but see how far you can push Black women. You can't help but wonder how much you can make money off of their stereotypes. And better yet sit back and watch them support their own negative perceptions like a crackhead that can't resist the "rock".

Well, I'm proud to say that many Black women have tapped into their inner spirit and decided to go through withdrawal by coming against the Basketball Wives show. Two hundred and fifty thousand to be exact. They decided to come against a show that's designed to take Black women to a real low vibration and confirms negative perceptions.

These women realize how unique Black women are, our situation is like no other. We're often condemned and stereotyped in the media so we can't afford to support shows like the Basketball Wives.

Are you a little confused by this double standard?

Well, there are two simple explanations that explain the predicament Black women are constantly in.

One--- (I want to make this the first reason because this reason means the most). Black men hate these shows and feel a sense of shame that the women of their race support shows like this. Now you can roll your eyes and suck your teeth and continue to disrespect the men of this race who want to be PROUD of Black women deep down inside. Despite all the exploitation they inadvertently support in this Hip Hop culture, because they are trapped by the sexual lust it brings out, Black men want to see more positive images of Black women.

This is why shows like this have become weapons Black men use against Black women in this era when speaking about the character of Black women.

Other men aren't force to see the women of their race support shows that play up and shine a lights on stereotypes that make them feel ashamed of them. We have to learn how to give each other a reason to respect one another. It's OK for one gender to start the ball running, especially when it only requires you to turn the channel and not support garbage. When we become defiant by not supporting shows like this it sends an ENERGY to Black men that we are ready for respect and want you to be proud of us.

Two---We do not have dominance in the media. Because we don't have dominance in the media we can't drown out the strong ENERGIES of shows like this. We can't counteract it's negativity. Women of other races don't have this problem. There are many shows that feature varies portrayals of non-Black women, particularly white women to the point they cannot be stereotyped. So the last thing you would allow is for mainstream media to create a show that feeds stereotypes of Black women.

The ideal situation would be to build really strong Black networks and then "ever so lightly" sprinkle shows like this into the line-up. But, you would never allow mainstream media to be the driving force behind shows like this.

The mainstream media has to much power and attracts diverse demographics, many eyes. Black women may be the main supporters of shows like the Basketball Wives, but that fact is brought to the consciousness of others when it's supported by mainstream media by showing previews of upcoming episodes.

For example there are probably some outrageous shows on "Univision" one of the top Spanish networks in the US, but do you know what shows are featured on this channel? No, it caters to the Spanish population which is currently 15% and growing.

In closing I think the numbers should be higher but hopefully we will get there. Black women who are more positive and conscious have to understand we are always battling against those sisters who just don't care. They are raised and brought up in a way they don't feel the need to be particular about themselves, not to mention this race, they simply exist. They are not visionary and don't care about anything outside of themselves.

We also have to remember many will watch this show because they know they can do so anonymously without anyone knowing. That's why it's important to continue sending the message that doing so represents weakness. We have to create an overwhelming ENERGY that sends the message that being a Basketball Wife is a shameful thing and a woman should be embarrassed to make this claim.

In other words the strongest, most positive Black women have to remain strong and be the foundation of strength, because weakness is always present.

When we do this we will begin to take away power from negativity and the actions of those who are in the media will CHANGE. They will feel pressure to aim higher in their standards and lift the vibration of our communities instead of lowering it.

When you make a stand others can't help but respect you and make a stand too. For example Summer's Eve has taken a stand and will not advertise during the shows commercials any longer and other advertisers are expected to follow suit.

Next we must attack Atlanta Housewives, which is like heroin to many Black women, it will be a tough one to tackle but we must emphasis the power of withdrawal.

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