Exposing the ENERGY of Entertainment To Release People From The Mental and Spiritual Bondage It Creates!

Will You Ever Look at the One-Eye Symbol the Same Again?

Demonic, satanic images that revolve around Dark ENERGY are becoming more and more blatant. The manipulators in charge are realizing they can push humans in this society more and more into darkness. They realize they can do this because people seem content on escaping reality, by finding comfort in all the distractions they use to keep people blind and willing to accept everything as art.

Only the highest conscious minds, that are awake, see how blatant and strong the ENERGY of darkness is becoming and understand how important it is not to support these ENERGIES in any way.

People who are truly awake, don't come up with excuses of why it's OK for them to be passive to what is right in front of their eyes. They understand the danger in doing so. They understand the danger of being passive at this point. They understand passiveness (which is really acceptance), has brought us to what we have now. When you become passive to an ENERGY it grows and develops "roots" in a situation. It allows a person to comfort themselves temporarily through escaping true reality because it seems like it would take effort to address it.

The problem is, once negative ENERGY has reached an unbelievable strength and causes great destruction, that's when people want to address it. However at that point we're forced to learn a lesson from the Universe. So, in order to be released from what is destroying us, it would require uprooting the problem and attacking it with spiritual force. This would have to be done through resisting negative ENERGY. But, due to the strength the ENERGY gains, it becomes hard to do so. After-all people have been programed to accept it and enjoy it.

So here we have Justin Bieber being used as a puppet to convey the symbolism of DARK ENERGY. I can only hope that as time goes on, the blatancy of the symbolism in the media has a reversible effect in the minds of those who have unknowingly aligned themselves with it.

What do I mean by that?

I hope that those who aligned themselves with this ENERGY by convincing themselves it's harmless, come to realize the DARKNESS that surrounds it.

Unfortunately many of these people, particularly in the industry, are in the type of bondage that though it causes uneasiness mentally, it's physically comforting. They make a lot of money and they are able to be stars amongst the people. This is hard to break away from. Even when their spirit can sense the darkness they are in. .
The only way they could break from this would be to realize they gained fans through deception. They would have to feel a lack of power knowing they have fans only because fans fail to realize what they are truly embracing and don't realize the Dark ENERGY they are using to drive their careers. These celebrities would have to wake up and realize their fans are possessed, so their lives and successes are based on illusion.

It's like a woman who makes the mistake of allowing others to dictate if she is truly beautiful or not. So she decides to have cosmetic surgery from head to toe and she's praised for it. She would have to wake up and realize she's being praised based on deception and illusion. She would have to realize that she was stronger spiritually before she allowed herself to be controlled, by the thoughts of others.
Unfortunately in both of those scenarios dark ENERGY has a remedy for those who feel uneasy about their deceptiveness. And that remedy is drugs and alcohol. This is why most celebrities use drugs and alcohol to cope with their overwhelming manufactured lives. Lives that many of them realize they don't totally control.

It's time for the public to not only help themselves spiritually, but also help those who are in bondage by these dark ENERGIES, by NOT SUPPORTING symbolism in the culture. Supporting symbolism drenched in darkness is like creating an alliance with darkness. Celebrities allow themselves to be open to being a conductor of the DARK ENERGY behind the symbolism and it affects us all at the end of the day..

I have accumulated many pictures of these types of symbolism. The above picture comes from one of the best DARK ENERGY decoder sites Vigilant Citizen, a site a viewer lead me to after realizing I'm someone who wants to be awoken.

Visit the page I got this picture from here, and witness many more examples of the symbolism that is becoming more blatant in the media. While you do this remember that the more blatant the symbolism becomes in the media, represents how strong these ENERGIES are becoming in society.

It's time for people to venture pass being distracted by food, alcohol, drugs, gossip and kidding around.

Even if you don't visit that particular page make sure to visit The Vigilant Citizen's  homepage in order to grasp what's going on beneath the surface of what you're shown.

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