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What's My Opinion on The Painful Cake?

Normally I would post an article like this on my Black Energy News site, but a viewer who visited this site, Black Celebrity Energy site questioned what my response would be to the recent debacle created by Swedish Culture Minister Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth on World Art Day in Sweden.

As many of you may know a cake depicting an African woman was made in order to raise awareness to genital mutation through the practice of circumcising African women. The cake was designed by African artist Makode Aj Linde and consist of what looked like an African women in Black-face with a look of fear on her face.

The viewer found slight offense to the podcast featured in my article Gabrielle Union Exposes Another Hunger Games Moment and wanted to know my position on this incident. Just to clarify, she found offense to my podcast because she felt I thought it was best to dismiss the idea of finding offense to racist comments and attacks by White people.

While I still hold that position, I also acknowledged that maybe I should have made some of my points more clear. I rarely take offense to racial ignorance. Racial ignorance is something that can only be revealed in my eyes. I pity racially ignorant people, they do not offend me. Of course that does not mean that if I have the power to cease support to them in some way, or showcase their racial ignorance I would not do so.

I can't grasp the idea of becoming offended by those who choose to be ignorant in a racially motivated way. I would have to agree with what they're saying and feel a subconscious shame that I'm being exposed in some way. I addressed that fact in my podcast. I pointed out how easy it is to offend this race because we don't feel good about ourselves and can't come against ignorance by revealing a truth that is opposite to what is being said.

As far as this incident, like most I think it was done in very, very bad taste. Because an African man designed this cake I cannot totally absorb the ENERGY of the situation. He decided to construct this cake in the most outrageous, stereotypical way. Unless he had instructions to do this, which is not clear, I think he is the first one who should be ostracized and condemned for designing the cake in this way.

However I must admit, it boggles my mind that anyone could commence to eating such a cake. It would be a complete turn off to me, despite my supporting the cause. So when I focus on that fact, it seems to me that those who are apart of this organization to help African women, are like many charity people.

They are desensitized to the individuals they can potentially help, but addicted to the feeling of being the one to save others. It's like a drug for many charity minded people. It makes them feel like a better person, but they don't see the people they help as individuals, which results in these individuals seeming less human. They are more focused on helping an overall problem and forget that the problem includes individual suffering.

Of course this incident is made even more appalling by the fact that the African artist who designed this cake, stood by and screamed every time someone cut into the cake to have a slice. Again, one must ask themselves was that a choice or was he instructed to do this.

So my conclusion is, I don't feel the culture minister of Sweden and those in attendance have sensitivity to the issue of circumcision of African women  I think it's simply a "cause" they take part in so they can feel as if they are good human beings, despite the fact that in the process they help many African women. A lack of sensitivity brings forth these types of actions.

Many people who are involved in charities are phony and do it for a rush and personal satisfaction.

It's sought of like rappers who hand out turkeys to the community for Thanksgiving. They don't care about the community. They feed negative mentalities to those in the community and the youth coming up daily. Their main concern is making money. Most of them ignore the community all together unless they can receive publicity. God and the Universe would rather these people starve for one day and have no food on Thanksgiving, oppose to being fed negative mentalities that are lasting. Often times the negative mentalities they instill help keep them poor and feeling a sense of hopelessness. They don't lift them up by example, they simply confuse the youth and allow them to wallow in negativity.

Handing out turkeys only allows the rapper to feel better about themselves and less guilty about being useless to the community.

On a lighter note, seeing this cake gave me a flashback to a tasteless cake Nelly was presented with at a party for the 5th anniversary of Applebottom jeans.
Once again we have tastelessness, and a woman being carved into with a knife and served as if she's a carcass. Of course this was minus a man standing in the room saying "ow, ow" every time she was cut into, as slices of her was handed out.

Here is the Video which was titled Painful Cake

I want to thank the viewer who sent me an email asking my opinion about this incident. I appreciate her feedback and desire to understand my position more and I understand her position also.

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