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Tupac's Spirit Returns as a Zombie Robot

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Coachella
Cochella proves a celebrity is simply a pawn for the industry and can be used with or without their will or say.
You can always reel people in through emotion. At times emotion clouds the senses and people are operating through feeling one sense. Many people miss Tupac and his presence. There are many who still can't believe he was killed. People have a hard time realizing that mortality is real. This is why when many celebrities pass people will always speculate and claim they might still be alive.

The same is true with Tupac, but of course these allegations can't be proven or dismissed in any way. But one thing is for sure Tupac's presence is dead.

Despite people being reeled in by their emotions, I have to side with the more spiritual. I have to join those who realize and feel the demonic, disrespecting ENERGY that surrounds this exploitation.

Yes, I call it an exploitation. If you are someone who doesn't mind this act, put aside your wants and your desire to see YOUR favorite celebrity for a moment.

I think it's unfair to take someone's image and use it at your own will. Not only did they have his hologram scream out Cochella (which did not exist at the time he died), they also doctored his lyrics.

Let's take a look:

"Hail Mary"
(feat. Kastro, Young Noble, Prince Ital)

Makaveli in this... Killuminati, all through your body---1
The blow's like a twelve gauge shotty
Uh, feel me!
And God said he should send his one begotten son
to lead the wild into the ways of the man
Follow me; eat my flesh, flesh and my flesh

[Chorus (Makaveli):]
Come with me, Hail Mary
Run quick see, what do we have here
Now, do you wanna ride or die
La dadada, la la la la

For the rest of the lyrics Click here

1---That's the first red flag. At the beginning of "Hail Mary" Tupac says:
 Makaveli in this... Killuminati, all through your body

This portion was taken OUT of the song, why do you think that was? Why would that offend Dr. Dre or Snoop Dog? Or are they respecting the alliance that they have with those who run the music industry and are protecting themselves?

It's unfortunate to realize they can delete these words because Tupac is defenseless and most fans are blinded by emotion.

2---Second red flag is the fact that a Cochella attendee said the highlighted lyrics:
And God said he should send his one begotten son to lead the wild into the ways of the man Follow me;
 where changed to:
 “God’s Nation sent his only begotten son to lead the wild into the waves of hell, Follow me

Why would they change his words and why would Snoop and Dr. Dre be OK with this. Once again are they trying to cooperate with those who run the industry? It's clear that Tupac didn't cooperate and look what happened to him.

Unawakened Fans Position
Most fans of Tupac and those who enjoyed the performance would like to think that this was simply an endearing surprise for his fans (at Cochella lol) and does not reflect an ulterior motive in any way. They believe that Tupac's mother gave her blessing for this to be done. And most were too emotional to catch and realize the subtle manipulations I mentioned above.Most haven't taken the time to reflect on Tupac and what he would have wanted, because they don't really care and are acting in a sheepish way for a man they didn't understand or truly care about anyway.

Awakened Fans Position
The fans of Tupac who are awakened and respectful observers like me, feel a different ENERGY. They realize that any motive or agenda by those who run the entertainment industry always has an ulterior motive. They release that Tupac was a rebel who would not want to be controlled in robotic form by those who he did not trust. He would not change the words to his songs to satisfy anyone. He would not approve of his image being resurrected in such a way to purposely or inadvertently make money for the industry. They understand he was killed due to becoming involved in ENERGIES that he opposed, that's why he made the album Makaveli: Don Killumaniti. His fans realize that he was trying to enlighten them on what was truly going on in the industry, like he had done sporadically throughout his reign. Even as a respectable observer of Tupac I can feel him trying to expose what has been hidden.

His fans and observers respect Tupac's mother because he did, but aren't so quick to trust her judgement. If she did indeed approve of this performance and was given a donation to the foundation she created for Tupac, they realize that unfortunately money talks in many situations. At the very best Tupac's mother is TRYING to stay stable, due to her past history. They are aware that she only owns the rights to his unreleased works, which reflects a lawsuit she won against Death Row records in 2007.

Death Row records now owned by WIDEawake-Deathrow Entertainment LLC, still owns Tupac's name and all his released works. WIDEawake, took ownership over Death Row Records material and associated rights February 2009. Since the concert Tupacs record sales (which have stayed on the charts since his death) and have spiked.

Tupac fans know the bottom-line. They realize that taking the image of a man who was so tortured by the industry and mistrustful of it's pawns and "Doing What Thou Wilt" (An Alex Crowley Term) would not please Tupac. Most awakened fans realize that Tupac was used as a test run to gauge the reaction of people to see if this can be a viable thing to do to make money off of each and every dead entertainer who was tormented by the industry. Tupac sought to be free and stated in his last interview that he sees his future being one where he can make more decisions for himself.

Changing his lyrics and making him an empty, robotic zombie to illicit emotion from his fans would not have been a delightful vision for Tupac.

I think this performance was demonic, disrespectful and an insight to things to come. I think that both Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre are opportunist, who planned this event, despite it being a surprise and shock for the fans. I think the people behind them paid a great deal of money (more then they paid Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre) to open a door to more of these satanic driven ENERGIES to be accepted at concerts and I am appalled. I think that Dr. Dre approved to leaking a rumor that he was going to take the Tupac hologram on tour in order to gauge the public's reaction. And I still think there is a threat that his image might be used in many other ways, as well as the image of other dead celebrities.

Hopefully they will haunt the people who exploit them If they don't their subconscious mind will be kicking their ass.

I will leave off, showcasing a comment from an AWAKEN fan taken off The Vigilant Citizen website. I like the ENERGY of this comment and though it is based on theory it represents someone who is thinking due to not feeling a good ENERGY surrounding this performance and not just eating what they are fed:
Truthie says: April 22, 2012 at 7:00 pm

Actually to me, this was not well said this is one of the worst articles I’ve read on this site. There were so many more reasons not to like the performance. How about what he says at the beginning? “God’s Nation sent his only begotten son to lead the wild into the waves of hell. Follow ME!” Number one I love Tupac, and I for one know that he may or may not have suffered from MK Ultra but he was an illuminati puppet as well. Only difference between him and other artists is he broke the oath and warned us about a lot of danger coming our way. I believe tupac was planted in the industry by the black panther for that reason alone. To warn us “to spark the mind that changes the world.” As tupac would say. It is no coincidence that Tupac was chosed as the first BIG and WIDELY publicized hologram performer. He told us he would be back. He said it in a number of songs.. Maybe this is what he meant. Maybe he was warning us about the hologram generation that is coming. He predicted his death (or told us how he was going to be assisnated by the illuminati). So couldn’t he be capable of predicting this even too? When Tupac was a kid he was highly hinted and intelligent. He was a ratical activist, and I think he saw an opportunity to inherit a platform where he could reach millions. He sacraficed his soul and his body in order to warn us. He strategically planned every little thing he did. There’s a reason he took a picture on a cross. Not that he claimed he was Jesus but what he did was something like Jesus. What that Hologram said at that performance was blasphemy, and the only reason Tupac would say something like that in real life is if he was forced. Which in many cases (especially once he was signed to death row), he did make harmful music and say harmful things. But only by influence of the oath of baphomet. When Tupac first came out his music was angry but it was the voice of the unheard and it wasn’t really harmful. The illuminati did not like this, they knew what he was up to, so they made his life a living hell by getting him shot, and sent to jail so much that he snapped and felt so lost that he signed his life over to death row. The mission didn’t stop there though. Even in his harmful music he left hints and warnings and signs and that’s why they killed him. He exposed way too much. THER REASON I DON’T LIKE IT: It’s a mockery and a big fuck you from the illuminati. It’s like they are saying “ha ha he’s still our slave in death as he was in real life. He will never ecsape us, neither will any other artist or their fans!” Killuminati.

R.I.P Tupac

Finally check out Waka Flocka commenting on this incident. Note at the end of the video he says, 'I'm not going to hang with the Devil'. He's another aware celebrity forced into silence.

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