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Mike Tyson Battled Demons When He Was High

Mike Tyson's love of pigeons shows his kind heart
 Podcast--Demons and Drugs Included

I go by ENERGY, so sometimes it will surprise you to realize the people I stand by or have sympathy towards..

Mike Tyson, has always been one of those people. Mike Tyson had a tough upbringing that reflects the lives of many Black men. He was faced with dealing with negativity all around him. Unfortunate enough, like many Black women, Mike Tyson's mother was a single mother raising three children. His father left the home when he was 2-years old. He was also forced to live in "trash can" neighborhoods and expected to succeed and thrive.

I don't want to talk down on Mike Tyson's mother, but I have a slight resentment towards women who continue to have children in challenging, dangerous neighborhoods that weigh heavily on their children's ability to grow up without dysfunction. Mike Tyson was arrested 38 times by the time he was 13-years old.

He claims his mother never showed him love and he never saw her happy around him. Many mothers like this subconsciously realize how they have set their children up to fail, just by the unstable home, and chaotic environment they raise them in. They feel a sense of guilt deep down inside, but take it out on their children when their children fall prey to their surroundings.

At 16-years old Mike Tyson's mother died, leaving him with many unresolved feelings and a sense of shame because he felt he was never able to make his mother proud.  He was placed in a school for troubled boys and began to exhaust his pain and anger through boxing. His skills and potential was discovered while living at the school for trouble boys.

He was primed and taken care of by boxing coach Kevin Rooney and went on to become one of the most successful heavy weight boxers in history. Now, listen to my podcast pertaining to my article title, where I discuss what Mike Tyson has recently revealed and how those around you are possibly effected too.

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