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Gabrielle Union Exposes Another Hunger Games Moment

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Even though I understand the emotions of this race, sometimes I am beyond embarrassed by our reactions to things.

I just finished reading an article on Yahoo, that reported how Dwayne Wade asked girlfriend Gabrielle Union to refrain from sitting court-side at his basketball games. He did this because she has the tendency to taunt the players of the opposing team playing against the Heat. She yells out things and can be rude when she gets excited about the game. She admitted she can be uncontrollable at times and and understood why he asked her to do this. She jokingly conveyed the story on Conan O'Brien's late-night TBS show, while promoting her new film "Think Like a Man".

In the comment area of the article, several White people referred to her as being Ghetto. What do you think this sparked in many Black people? It sparked something I have to address because, you always have weak people, but too many Black people reacted to this ignorant comment for me to ignore the ENERGY of what it truly reveals.

I'm going to pause and take the time to post a podcast I made when Black people got up in arms when certain White movie goers didn't like the fact that the character "Rue" was portrayed by a Black girl in the movie.

We need to ask ourselves WHY we can't ignore ignorant people, though they will always exist. And to add more insult to ourselves, at the same time they can ignore this race. No one cares what this race says about them, but we concern ourselves when an ignorant non-Black person rears their ugly heads. It shows how insecure this race is and how we can be made to jump like rabbits over things we can't control. Things we should not be concerned about. Things that distract and take our ENERGY away from focusing on strengthen on empowering ourselves.

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