Exposing the ENERGY of Entertainment To Release People From The Mental and Spiritual Bondage It Creates!

Be Careful of What You Drink and the ENERGY Behind It!

I just came across and eye-opening video that exposed the symbolism used on the front of  Monster Energy Drinks. Just like you I never thought about the the symbol used on the front of their Energy drink cans. However, I have stopped and thought to myself 'why name a drink Monster'.

Of course we live in a society and amongst dark ENERGY that would simply rationalize your thoughts away by saying 'oh it's just provocative, catchy artistic'. Time after time we buy into this without realizing the ENERGIES we take in.
Now I can't bash Monster Energy drink, because I've never tried it. In fact I don't like Energy drinks in general, but I must be honest and say I would think twice about drinking a drink that closely symbolizes dark ENERGY. I don't take risks with my soul, I realize everyone is different and some might not care and choose to drink Monster Energy Drink for it's taste but that is what makes life interesting. There are those who opt for spiritual stability which requires sacrifice and feel good and power due to it and there are others who simply act and deal with truths later.

Just like I would never wear, buy or support an artist that wears this:

Everyone needs to pray for this Brother, I care about his spirit too much to SUPPORT HIM as it's destroyed.
Lil Wayne is another example of a Brother from poverty, who wanted to be rich and famous, exploited by entering an environment dominated by DARK ENERGY.

In any case, I feel compelled to share this information for those who are awake or wish to wake up and be similar to the character in the movie "They Live". Someone who begins to see all the dark ENERGY, satanic symbolism fed to them on a daily basis.

Check out this video that explains more

It's OK to be different from the sheep and AWAKEN. We are in an era where it it necessary to do so, you are in a battle for your mind and spirit whether this is obvious to you or not. The most conscious realize how obvious it is, join us and watch the power, strength and wisdom you develop. This is an era where following the crowd or the most dominate ENERGY usually means you are walking blindly with the rest of the sheep, and blind spirits.

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