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The Shoe "Game" of Women has Been Jeopardized

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Here we go again, I'm going to speak on a level that you might not be able to comprehend, but you can feel.

What happens when the media's flooded with low standard, whorish, gold digging, diva women who wear fashionable shoes like above? Shoes that women in everyday life can't resist and go out and mirror the same fashions by purchasing the same.

What happens?

Men realize that when they see women in everyday life wearing shoes like these, it puts them in the same category as the women in the media. They realize and discuss the fact that it takes away a woman's  innocence of being a genuine, worthy woman they can trust and respect??


That happens on a subconscious level. Even as a woman I'm seeing more and more women wearing shoes like in the pictures above and copying the overall fashions of the "trashy" women in the media. As a result it makes everyday women exude the same negative ENERGY when they mirror their fashion sense.
I was in Walmart the other day and a woman was struggling to walk in shoes similar to the ones above. Shoes that have really high heels and are "strappy" or have a semi-boot look. Because she was wearing these shoes, she just came across as "skanky".

Ask yourself would you dress like "Ronald McDonald"?, No, why because he's a clown. So why would you dress like "such and such, insert____name" she's considered whorish, diva like, untrustworthy and a gold-digger?

See every spirit walking has an ENERGY, and their ENERGY is influenced by something. We as humans have lost our ability to consciously know that at the end of the day we speak and communicate on a telepathic level. Meaning no words are needed. This is why we develop opinions about people just based on seeing them. Every human exudes an ENERGY.

So when negative women, with despicable personalities flood the spotlight in a fashionable way and everyday women mirror them, men will subconsciously categorize them in a negative way without even  knowing it. For example any woman wearing shoes like above seem like they would be ready to have sex or party with any man who's able to capture their attention.

Men who are more positive might even become intimidated by them which leads to only negative men being confident enough to approach them. Even men who do approach women wearing the fashions that mirror what the low standard women in the spotlight wear, he will have an inner sense of mistrust towards her.

It's reason 1 million, gazillion, that demonstrates why women need to be more particular about the type of women ho are allowed to flood the media. In the long run you will suffer spiritually. 

There's a girl on YouTube now who chooses to look like Amber Rose and complain, she's a joke to many Black men, though they will watch her. For a woman to be the same skin tone, shave her hair and dye it blond in a time period where Amber Rose has a strong ENERGY makes her seem like a "suspect" and untrustworthy woman. I also think she's a joke and could only bear watching her a couple of times because of this.

Just another post to bring out the deeper consciousness we all have at the end of the day. That's why I like to believe that one day we will wake up and start to demand that those in the spotlight represent, and showcase the lives that we truly want in everyday life on a spiritual level. When we don't do this, and merely copy people in the spotlight materialistically, we'll be drenched in spiritual pain within our relationships and existences in everyday life.

I had planned on writing this article but the revealing of Kanye West's new shoe for women made the ENERGY more intense.
 These would have looked good and fitting on Amber Rose

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