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Will Iggy Azalea's ENERGY Affect Black Men?

Summary Point: Non-Black men want to feel as if they can protect the women of their race. When Black men portray these women in a negative way and bring them to a lower vibration and standard it brings resentment.

Sometimes I think this race thinks we got it made. We act as if we own our lives and our lives aren't just sustained by society. We don't really realize we are one or two steps up from many Africans in Africa. Most of us are allowed to survive. We have never learned how to do so on our own. If one or two government programs were taken away tomorrow it would destroy a large segment of this race.

In light of this, it seems we have a determination to bring the most negative ENERGIES to the forefront of our culture and feed it to others so that they emulate and take part in a destruction that has damaged our own race.

One of my capabilities in life is the ability to absorb an ENERGY and determine what it will result in. There are so many ENERGIES that I've absorbed and predicted it's outcome and effect on society. Even when I was in High School in the late 90's I made the prediction that Hip Hop was going in the wrong direction and will greatly influence this race's mentality and behavior. I wrote an article in the school newspaper "The Change of Rap Music". Though I didn't have a consciousness like the one I possess now, I've always been able to feel and absorb when somethings not right.

What makes me different from others, is the fact that I don't proceed and embrace ENERGIES I feel are potentially dangerous. I halt all support of it, fixate on it and observe it. Most people develop a connection with negative ENERGIES, become in bondage by them and then find rationalities to keep doing what they are doing due to the connections that they have made with them.

Now, I can write a book "1001 Reasons Why Black Men Don't have Jobs". Some of these reasons might point to reasons similar to the past. But over the years Black people have allowed the creation of more reasons that affect Black men. This culture is one of those reasons. Black men are becoming pimps to White and non-Black girls in Hip Hop. They are starting to portray and treat women of other races the way they have treated their own women.

We fail to realize that others do not want to live this culture, they simply want to watch it for entertainment. Unfortunately I'm seeing a transition in the attitude and demeanor of those who embrace the ENERGY of this culture. All over YouTube you can find videos of Black men who cannot understand how non-Black men can become possessed by the culture but do not want to have anything to do with Black people.

And when you look at it from the standpoint of older non-Black people it brings great resentment. As I alluded to in the opening of this article, we do not have any power or control that would be able to sustain this type of resentment. Non-Black people are watching their communities and youth morph into the negative ENERGIES of this culture.
T.I's new artist Iggy Azalea has the ENERGY of a White girl who is being pimped by a Black man to bring more of her kind into the ENERGY of this culture. This is not something that Black men can afford to do. I constantly encourage Black men to create their own, but since they refuse, they're allowing their negative ambassadors who are in the forefront of this culture to play a dangerous game that will only bring hatred, resentment and lack of sympathy to the Black race.

Just like with all other ENERGIES they bring forth, everyday average Black men will suffer.

Non-Black men want to feel as if they can protect the women of their race. When Black men portray these women and don't take them higher, but bring them to a lower vibration and standard it develops resentment in these men. A resentment that can be transmitted through non-acceptance and the desire to tear Black men down.

I posted Iggy Azalea's new single "Murda Bizness" above, now take a look at another video that caught my attention. A video that would repulse any group of men who would like to have the most influence over the women of their race. In fact, the video seems to mock White and Hispanic women and subtly conveys that they can now be treated the way Black women have been treated by Black men over the years. The women in the video are smiling and laughing. They send the ENERGY that they're willing to be treated in a low-standard way.

Metaphysically that makes them look low-standard, and this is all being done at the hands of Black men. As a Black woman I can't think of one video where White men have tried to portray Black women in such a way. As disrespectful as Black men are towards Black women and despite the "gender war" that is evident, Black men would call an act like this at the hands of a White man racist and think of "Massa" during slavery.

I know it takes a lot of wisdom and consciousness in order to be able to assess the ENERGIES that harm this race, but some ENERGIES are very obvious. If I was a White man I would have resentment that Black men are trying to use White women in the same way they use Black women. A way that has resulted in great suffering of the Black race and the Black woman's image.
As you move forward in this increasingly crazy, confusing world, you must resist ENERGIES and come against them through NO SUPPORT and encouraging those who do support these ENERGIES by opening their eyes to the true meaning and ramifications of what they embrace.

I think this is an article worth sharing amongst Black men, how about you?

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