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Will the AIDS statistics Repulse Black Women......?

Now you read the title, but I have to complete my thought. Will the AIDS statistics repulse Black women to  promiscuous women in the media.

Do Black women wonder why there is no outrage over these statistics and why women of other races have no fear that they will follow suit? This is an article based on the ENERGY and perception of Black women and AIDS/ HIV, I do not address how this epidemic is truly occurring, read on.......

Imagine if these statistics were given and the image of Black women was different. Unfortunately the ENERGY of the situation is the opposite. Most people feel they can clearly see why Black women are "second runner up" to those in Africa when it comes to being inflicted with AIDS.

First, let me say I do these types of articles because due to Black women being brainwashed by the media, I want them to wake-up and understand the true ENERGY they are expelling to the world and the men of this race. I want Black women to be turned off and repulsed by women in the media who do not reflect how they would like to be seen. We must always keep in mind reality. And in our reality we do not have a diverse media, therefore we can typecast ourselves in the minds of, not only others, but Black men too.

Just like many non-black people, Black men don't seem to be shocked by these statistics. They understand them and use them as a weapon against Black women. I've done many articles explaining to Black men the importance of resisting promiscuous women in the media, but it 's a hard concept for them to grasp. It's a hard concept for them to grasp because they are driven by visual stimulation and will gravitate to what they find lustful, even when they secretly despise that ENERGY.
The average man does not equate lust with love, what most women in the spotlight demonstrate is an illusion. This is why Black women who emulate the ENERGY and physical characteristics of the women they have been brainwashed by through the media are attacked by Black men. They are considered to be fake, hoes, gold-diggers and many other derogatory adjectives.
We are going into a dangerous territory. in fact some might say we are already there. We are going into a territory and era where very young girls are growing up in a culture that presents them with the illusion that sex will secure them a relationship. Most of the mainstream female artist send a message that sex and your body can make a man "spellbound". It's something the Devil, dark ENERGY, evil ( or whatever you want to call it) needs you to think, in order to destroy your soul and self-esteem. In that state you can be controlled and guided with more ease.

He will leave out the details and not reveal to you the consequences of being promiscuous while truly wanting to find love and a spiritual connection..He would never reveal how these two actions are opposite of each other. Being promiscuous will only get you on a man's list at the end of the day. A list that reflects women he likes to have sex with but fails to respect. This is why many of these men can go on a verbal attack in a second. If there is no spiritual connection between two people, any desperate attempt to stay connected will be because of sex, despite how many other women he is sleeping with. Initially, this is a feeling that can be intoxicating and great to a woman with a low-self esteem, but it is one that will leave her feeling used, worn-out and dismissed as time goes on.

I will always be repetitive until people start to see the collation between the media and social reactions and behaviors in our community. The culture of a people, molds their behaviors. So we must be careful when it comes to those we allow to have dominance.

I want Black women to find the spiritual strength to break away from what has conditioned there brains as being "harmless entertainment" and empower themselves through NO SUPPORT.

In many ways we have backed ourselves in the corner through supporting a media that exploits us and in the process people are desensitized to the things that afflict many Black women. They fail to relate to the things that plague many Black women, but instead feel alien and removed from them.

So again there is no surprise that fear has not grasped women of other races when it comes to the AIDS epidemic that is ravishing this race.

Stop supporting this culture show that you are and can be more.

What does NO SUPPORT MEAN-------Do not watch T.V. shows, award shows or paid programming with certain celebrities, do not support their endorsements, music, films or anything that can contribute to a monetary value being placed on them. The higher there value seems the more their ENERGY multiples.

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