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What Picture is Similar to Nicki Minaj's Album Cover Photo?

I like to find different ways to challenge people's minds to wake-up, and resist absorbing negative ENERGY that changes our social lives, mentalities and spirituality.

It's important for people to excuse me slightly, because once I have a wealth of puzzle pieces in my head, I have to find a way to present them to you. Therefore, I haven't done as many posts on Nicki Minaj as I want to or should.

I think I will work on bringing some of those Dark puzzle pieces to you tonight. But I want to start with one of the latest Dark puzzle pieces.

What picture has the same ENERGY as Nicki Minaj's album cover photo?

Click To see the picture Nicki Minaj is channeling.

Let's see how far Nicki Minaj takes this exorcist theme and how much Roman progresses in her. Only minds that have the highest consciousness would see the importance of not supporting her while this happens.  Any ENERGY that you support, replicates itself and multiplies, so Nicki Minaj's career cannot be supported and given the ENERGY of success, others will follow as she followed Lady Gaga. The entertainment industry is taking music deeper in the direction of blatant darkness, but people can resist this through NO SUPPORT.

When I get my camera I will work to attack her ENERGY visually, in order to expose her and turn people off to this type of dark ENERGY in a way that goes beyond merely complaining, but includes the action of NO SUPPORT..

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