Exposing the ENERGY of Entertainment To Release People From The Mental and Spiritual Bondage It Creates!

Tyga and Chyna Feed Chaotic Lives

I won't stop, I won't stop trying to open the eyes of people when it comes to the ENERGIES we've been tricked by. My goal is make people become more repulsed by the media to the extinct they demand a change of ENERGIES through NO SUPPORT. ENERGIES that seem harmless but have a damaging effect on our social lives and environments.

So let's examine Tyga, the stripper Chyna and this magazine cover to understand how people have been locked into mental and spiritual bondage. We've been placed in bondage by absorbing and accepting these ENERGIES that seem harmless, and mere entertainment.

What happens when you take a top artist and place him with a well-known stripper? What ENERGIES and mental confusions result from this? What type of subconscious brainwashing occurs? How does it effect your life and potential relationships?

We have to start questioning the ENERGIES that are thrown in our faces and absorbed by many. Let's start by exploring what many Black men in this era are saying:

Black men say:
Black women are fake, hoes, gold diggers who only care about money and date thugs. 
That statement reflects the ENERGY of strippers like Chyna and thugs or wannabe thugs like Tyga.

Black women are wearing the ENERGY of Chyna in many ways even if they are not strippers. They are showcasing their bodies in a way that brings out lust in a man. That is a powerful thing to do, it's like putting a spell on a man. The unfortunate thing is not only can spells be broken, spells bring resentment because they have a basis of confusion. Most men know they should not respect a woman like Chyna, but lower spirited men will be drawn to her body and what they can do to it. This is when hatred, abuse and resentment comes into place. In fact many men who fall into this trap, become men they never thought they would become. They do things to these women and treat them in ways their spirit never intended to do. Women like Chyna and those who wear her ENERGY suffer high rates of abuse from men.
Any woman who has accepted Tyga's ENERGY needs to know that she's being tricked by the ENERGIES he puts out to the Universe. She must be conscious enough and strong enough to become the OPPOSITE of what he displays.

It's also important for Black men to understand they have been tricked too. Women like Chyna are used in this era to imply that a man is more of a man when they attract women like her. They are told that when they can afford and satisfy women like Chyna they are more masculine. This is one of the reasons why Tyga did this cover. His masculinity is constantly challenged and they use strippers and video vixens to distract away from these attacks. They use the same formula for rapper Drake.

In everyday life, when these ENERGIES are accepted and grow, the ramifications for both men and women becomes resentment and a lack of spiritual connection between the genders. The ENERGY of this culture is tearing apart both men and women. Each sex is becoming what they've been convinced to become and not receiving the results they thought they would. This is because they're being fed illusions that play into one human sense, sex. Due to this the body and soul begins to feel worn because satisfying one sense does not equal total fulfillment. 

Now these aren't rare ENERGIES that are being displayed, these are ENERGIES that are bombarding this culture. It's important to stop these ENERGIES from growing through NO SUPPORT. When you fail to do so these ENERGIES become like a permanent fog in your environment that penetrates everything.


Well, how many respectable Black women have to sit back and witness a negative perception created to describe them, just because a strong ENERGY has been created by women like this? How many positive Black men have to sit back and watch the definition of a "Real Man" be transferred to those men who are opposite of them?

It's my goal to make you spiritually strong, so that you feel empowered when resisting negative ENERGY. I want you to feel strong and confident when resisting ENERGIES that many in society embrace without feeling left out. Do you know your strength and power gives others strength and power too. It's the starting point to changing the ENERGIES in your environment.

In the near future I will be able to visually convey to you the ENERGY traps that you've been sucked into and make resisting them seem stronger than giving in..

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