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The Softness of Dhea Hooked Lil Wayne

Summary: Anyone who views my site knows I'm not a Lil Wayne fan. Though I see through him and know he's smart and has a deeper side, just like a lot of Black people born in poverty his standards and spiritual vibration is low. Because of this he like many others can only bring a low vibration and consciousness to the public. Despite not being a fan, I want to absorb the ENERGY of his relationship with Dhea who he seemed to open up to and show more affection openly. I want to address one of the many reasons Black men stay closed to Black women who are influenced by this culture.
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Will I preach? yes and no, I will put a podcast at the end of this article to reveal an ENERGY that has become a separation between Black men and women in this race. But I want to talk about Lil Wayne's relationship with Dhea.

I want to first address the subconscious or conscious questions mind of Black women and address questions they might be asking themselves. Even Black women who call themselves being repulsed by Lil Wayne like other men in the spotlight, many Black women want to know:
  • Why am I not good enough
  • Why does she look so different from this culture
  • Why does he seem more affectionate and loving with her
Now, there doesn't seem to be a lot of Black women like myself out there who are willing to absorb the ENERGY of this culture in order to guide Black women, particularly younger Black women, spiritually.

Many Black women of Generation X are bombarded with their own problems and kids to look back and try to release younger Black girls from the bondage of this culture. They are too caught up in the pain of their own situations to guide others who are in pain. This is why many Black women of my generation cannot think straight and tell young Black girls coming up how different the culture was when we were growing up, opposed to now.

All they know and concentrate on is how Black men are today. Black men tedn to do the same thing when talking about Black women. They refuse to explore the transitions of Black women's attitudes and behaviors and what it truly relates to.

But let me address a few of the above questions before I urge you to watch my video podcast.

Dhea is like a breath of fresh air to Lil Wayne. Despite the possibility of this relationship not lasting, like so many others in the spotlight, I want to reveal an ENERGY that can be felt from their relationship.

There are two types of women he could be with ENERGY wise. He could met a beautiful Black woman like Lauren London who would do almost anything for him but loves the fact that he has the image that he does. Lauren London has stated a few times that she is attracted to Thugs.


He could be with a girl like Dhea who is attracted to him because he's Lil Wayne but his Thug image and behavior does not necessarily impress her or reel her in because she's not use to dating guys like him.
Because of this it allows Lil Wayne to feel the sense that he has found someone who is willing to accept him in his private moments. Moments when he just wants to be himself. He does not have to worry about not living up to the image that made him attractive to the woman he's with.

What does that mean?

It means he can be himself more, he can be more affectionate, express his feelings more and Dhea becomes like a soft pillow to cuddle. She would not laugh at him, subconsciously wonder why he's acting different than his image and has the ENERGY of being willing to accept him for what and who he is.

She's a girl that was raised to be just that. Unlike many Black woman she was not raised in communities and environments where a lack of identity causes the community to live the ENERGIES of a destructive culture.

Now there's some ray of hope for Black women because in your everyday life you can be a Dhea too. In fact before Lil Wayne blew all the way up, he fell in love with an older woman named Angela. Unfortunately Lil Wayne's mother urged him to marry Toya for appearance reasons. She did this so that it didn't seem like she urged her son to impregnate a girl randomly just to have a grandchild but instead they were sweethearts. But just like Dhea Angela was removed from the culture, and though she has seem to have lost her mind over the years due to not being able to be with a man who continues to have growing success, she was a religious, spiritual woman.

OK, I will address more Listen to my video podcast (Will Load)

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