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Nicole Ari's Embarrassing but Useful Invention

Before I talk about Nicole Ari's useful invention, I want to point out something that has always been peculiar about this race.

As Black people we often operate with the mentality that "we shouldn't air our dirty laundry". We feel that doing so creates a risk in supporting stereotypes people already have of us. We've never realized the ENERGY of self-empowerment that can exist if we addressed our problems openly, opposed to acting like our problems don't exist and are mere attacks.

But what makes us peculiar is the fact that, despite not wanting to "air our dirty laundry" when it comes to serious issues that destroy our communities, we will air out our insecurities in the most bizarre ways.

Black women over the years have made a point of letting it be known why we don't like to exercise. Many of us make it clear that we don't want to mess up our hair. It's the same ENERGY showcased when it comes to getting our hair wet by going in the water.

We never stop to realize that no other group of women on the face of the earth does this, so not only are we "airing out our insecurities" we are showing that we've been broken and now find ways to adapt to this broken state.


Well if I told you your hair looked terrible in its natural state and then witnessed you doing everything you good to keep your hair in a way that I might find more acceptable, I own your spirit when it comes to this action. I control your behavior and have forced you to modify it.
Now I'm not coming down on Nicole Ari, in fact I really like Nicole Ari, I especially like Nicole and Boris as a couple. I just can't help but catch-all ENERGIES that radiate from this race and what I said above is something for this race to think about. Being conscious is always the first step to changing the ENERGIES of this race.

As far a Nicole Ari's wrap "Save Your Do", I think it's a wonderful invention and a great opportunity to support a positive sister who is respectable to her husband and kids. The wrap uses Edge Control Technology to absorb sweat and heat, while letting cool air in. Nicole Ari, tried the wrap herself while training for a fitness competition so she stands by the results and even put her name on the product.

Here's what she said:
“[With the head wrap] I went through 45 minutes of intense boot camp with multiple circuit training, indoors and outdoors,” said Parker, who went through 17 prototypes before settling on the final version. “I washed it. I dried it. I threw it on the floor. I really tried to find a way to make it perfect.”
10% of the proceeds from the wrap will go to a wonderful charity started by Nicole Ari and Boris to help children with Spina Bifida, a disease their daughter lives with.

Well folks, the summer is coming and I love to workout and play tennis when it's warm so I will definitely give this product a try in the coming months. 

You can purchase the headwrap on her website Save Your Do

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