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Messy Jesse acting like a "Kiss Ass" with Lil Wayne

Never put Black leaders on a pedestal, at the end of the day they are just like most people. They gravitate to those who have money and are in awe of them.

Now, I could take this photo lightly like most people. I could be like a low conscious person and find comfort in being low conscious. I can could find comfort in doing so because low conscious people don't "Rock the boat", they accept whatever others seem to accept. Lil Wayne took a lot of pictures with other celebrities at the All-Star game and Messy Jesse wants to feel inclusive.

Unfortunately, I couldn't go that route as a spiritually strong person. The picture is beyond unnecessary and leads to confusion messages.

Does that mean Jesse Jackson has to be mean to Lil Wayne? No, but to make a point of taking a picture with him just because he is a major star in mainstream culture, shows he can't help but be a "Kiss Ass" like others. Now I realize it can be a little complex, because Lil Wayne is not an evil or bad guy in person, but that doesn't change the fact that his music is damaging to the minds of many in the community.

The fact that Jesse Jackson is suppose to represent a Black leader who's aim is to make this race stronger just makes this worst. But as I said feel and absorb the ENERGY of him not being able to help himself or resist this picture which is not necessary. That's like a teacher trying to steer the youth from smoking weed and taking a picture with Wiz Khalif, orr Bill Cosby posing with Rick Ross.

To me this picture represents the fact that we don't really have many Black people on the forefront who are willing to go against the negative ENERGIES created by artist who influence this race. It also shows why we must question so-called Black leaders and watch what they do. You never know who they are "in bed with" and who they will overlook due to the perceived power and money that person has.

Here's Jesse Jackson posing with another rapper who creates an ENERGY that leads to confusing mentalities.

Gotta love the T-shirt, once again 50cent is not a bad guy in person, but why take an unnecessary picture as a Black leader.

I wonder if people are confused when I say that Jesse is acting like a "Kiss ass'.? Well ask yourself, do you think Jesse Jackson is familiar with Lil Wayne or 50 cents music beyond it's ENERGY?

No, he's being a "Kiss ass" in their presence and can add these pictures to his collection.

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