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Ice T Promotes One of the Deadliest ENERGIES

NewsFlash: Without realizing it or caring Ice-T hypes up what's almost impossible. Why did I say he might not care? Well like most rappers even in their old age, they would like to make it clear they are "street niggas" at heart. And yes, he said he was a bank robber? Where are most bank robbers?

Some people have the mentality of letting things go. I understand the importance of not doing so. I understand that mentalities just like ENERGIES are like a fog and will settle within the environment it hovers over.

One of the worst mentalities and ENERGIES that this race has ever promoted was the idea that someone can transition from crime to success. It might seem to be the truth and possible when we look at the media, but it's not the truth. Most Black people will not be able to transition from a life of crime into a successful career making millions the "legitimate" way.

For example if you had 100 thousand Black people living a life of crime, one might make it out and be able to transition into making millions in another way. Another 5 thousand might be able to get a labor job, or work at McDonalds into old age, all others will perish through death, jail or continue that lifestyle until they get on "the system" and get disability when they get old.

So here we have Ice-T making the claim that his mistakes as a hustler prepared him for success in the industry. Seems harmless right?

Well, a higher conscious mind knows that subliminally gives those living the life he did in the streets the encouragement that they can do the same. We don't need that, what we need is an ENERGY to pass through our culture and community that says STOP NOW, before it's too late.

Why do I say this? Because I like being a pain in the ass and pick on everything?

NO, because I just pointed out that statistically most of these men who are involved in crime will perish. We need to learn how to bring out the creative mind in Black people. We must instill in them all the possibilities that are out there if they learned to create their own jobs and opportunities. Now, I'm smart enough and wise enough to realize that the only way Black men will absorb and be willing to take that route would be if we empowered them to do so.

We can't allow it to seem corny, lame or a cope out by allowing this to be considered not being a "Real Nigga". We have to see more images of men who created success in their lives in two ways, and two ways only:
  1. Men who turned away from the streets and became a success in everyday life, and
  2. Men who never took to the streets though they were faced with the pressures to do so.
There are men right now waiting to make it in the industry and while they are at it, they are living the street life. We can't keep hyping up that possibility by focusing on Black men who did this but represent less than 1% of Black men who will be able to do the same.

Gauge yourself, if you are rolling your eyes as you read this, or you think this is inconceivable, like many Black people you are far gone and desensitized. But above all, you are part of the problem.

Check out the video 'Attract Your A-Game" where celebrities speak of the statistics I refer to.

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