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The Hunger Games and the Danger of a Parents Silence After The Movie

Summary: The Hunger Games is like The Running Man with Arnold Schwarzenegger gone perverse. Instead of watch adults kill each other, kids are watching kids kill each other while adults who are suppose to protect them looking on.
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Wow, that's all that I can say!

Times have really changed haven't they? Let me be clear and state; I've always grown up enjoying movies and my parents were pretty liberal when it came to what I could watch. They knew that both my brother and I were mature enough to watch certain things.

Even as a child my mom allowed me to watch "Scarface" with Al Pacino and other crazy movies that were rated R. The only time I had to close my eyes was during the sex scenes of the movie. As I look back, I see how appropriate that was because watching sex acts spark a child's curiosity. Whether they go on to play doctor with their friends or try the actual act of sex at an earlier age, because it's equated with pleasure they are more likely to try it.

Violence on the other is not something the average person wants to be apart of, unless they're disturbed or surrounded by that ENERGY, like those who live in a bad neighborhood. When people who live around violence watch violence they process it in a different way. Fortunately that was not the case during my upbringing. I didn't watch Scarface or movies that had gun violence and then have to walk outside into the community and that type of behavior was right in my face. I did not hear gunshots on my block or face any scenario that would allow me to relate to the violence in movies.

Hopefully for many of you, this is can become an "Ah Ha" moment where you can finally understand why Black men are amongst the biggest supporters of the movie Scarface. They go beyond enjoying the movie and wear T-Shirts and other memorabilia to honor the character Tony Montana. When I worked at a gas station in a Black neighborhood, they had key chains, lighters, shot glasses and pens that had Scarface logos. Society understands that many Black men go beyond enjoying criminals but relate to them due to the conditions they live in.

Well let's take a look at the ENERGY shift through the years when it comes to movies. A shift "The Power Control Force" is supporting in the hopes that it will desensitized society to witnessing death of everyday people all around them.

I want to use another movie to demonstrate what I'm about to say regarding the movie "The Hunger Games".
The "Running Man" with Arnold Schwarzenegger

I was really young when this movie came out but I remember it well. The Running Man was a similar movie to The Hunger Games. The movie revolved around contestants who were kidnapped and considered criminals and then forced to participate in a survival game on national T.V. where they had to be the last one to survive. The only difference between the Running Man and The Hunger Games, was the fact that people who worked for the show took part in the game by trying to kill off each contestant in different ways.

But guess what the biggest difference was? Only adults were part of the show. Despite this, I remember being scared and the anticipation of what was going to happen in the movie caused my heart to beat fast. However, I still enjoyed the movie just like many of Aronold Schwarzenegger's movies growing up.
Flash forward to now, where we have The Hunger Games. In this movie pre-teens are chosen in a lottery to fight each other to death. Not because they are criminals, not because society thought they did anything wrong, but simply because they were poor and the elite chose to do so for entertainment. So unlike The Running Man, the teens in The Hunger Game were put in a position to act in a way that was senseless and had no purpose behind it aside from bringing entertainment to those who watched to see which one of them would win.

To me this is disturbing on many levels, its one thing to have a book like this. I don't believe in censorship when it comes to books in any form. But it's astounding that this was made into a visual ENERGY which attracts more people. I can't help but think it has the potential to desensitize youth to death of themselves and each other.

When I was growing up children were rarely killed in movies and when it did occur it was not graphic. Most horror movies featured those starting at the senior in High School level and many of them revolved around being killed by monsters or maniacs. Again, The Hunger Games revolves around sane teens being FORCED to kill each other.

I just wanted to bring up these ENERGIES shifts and make it clear that it's important to start realizing that we are in an era where everything as an underlying meaning behind them. Especially when it is allowed to be backed by mainstream media. "The Power Control Force" controls and dictates the media and they are ready to enact in full force their plans for changing society as we know it. A New World Order society where there is only a ruling class, and the underclass who are considered slaves. This is why there is such an attack on the middle class, and even those who were at least able to purchase a house are being dismissed and forced into a lower class.

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