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(Audio Re-Posted) Having A Quick Flashback: The Movie Love Jones

I just finished watching Love Jones, one of my favorite movies from the 90's starring Lorenz Tate and Nia
Long. Words can't describe how the movie shows the change of ENERGY within this culture. I feel so blessed that I was able to grow up watching movies like "Love Jones", "Jason Lyric", "The Inkwell", "Love and Basketball", "Boomerang", "Strictly Business" and all the other Black movies that truly had the ENERGY of love in them.

These movies weren't saturated with "Bitch", "Hoe" or Black women are gold-diggers ENERGIES. Instead they portrayed the value of having a deep, soulful connection with another and displayed the ENERGY of trying to make a relationship work once you know you connect spiritually..

Darius, Lorenz Tate's character and Nina, Nia Long's character started their relationship with a "no-strings" attached attitude, but it blossomed into more. Though this was the case, I must warn women of this era about the actions of Nia Long's character Nina. The perception of Black women has changed in the eyes of Black men over the years, so Nina's actions could easily be misread and cause a woman to be stereotyped, Unfortunately there are many women who sleep around in this era indiscriminately., so doing so doesn't carry the ENERGY of the encounter being an exception.

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Check back, I will try to download the clips that are posted on YouTube and lighten them up so they can be seen better. If you can't wait here's the link to the first clip out of 10 for the movie. Hopefully you are like me and paid to go see the movie, if not you have to pay your dues by at least renting the DVD first. I once had the DVD but I must buy it again.**

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