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Celebrities Support Kony 2012!! I'm Suspicious Already

A few of the Industries Biggest Puppets!

Let's be honest, and I will join the boat with you, I had no idea who Joseph Kony was, and you need to admit you didn't either. Now here's where we separate.

Why do we separate?

Well, we separate because I know that this country is not operating or being run in the way it appears to be on the surface. I know that those who are truly in charge use media outlets and celebrities to create propaganda that supports their agendas.

Most of you simply believe what you hear, I prefer to do more research. At the same time I can immediately absorb the ENERGY of something once I hear it. In this case, something did not sound right to me, about this Kony 2012 campaign. Or, let's just say I was suspicious, as I still am. After Gaddafi and the research into the truth I do, I will no longer, listen to the US try to make a person seem like a villain and then they wind up dead.

The "Power Control Source" likes to create a problem, so that they can give a solution, and within that solution they are able to carry out their agendas. Just like 9 /11 was carried out in order to start military action to invade Afghanistan, which the government pegged, 'The War on Terrorism".

Ironically this "War on Terrorism" doesn't seem to have an end in sight, instead it seems as though the objective was to have military presence and control in the Middle East including in Iraq and Pakistan. Someone who follows politics would agree that this seems to be the case all around the world. It seems as though there's an objective to place US particularly NATO troops in all areas of the world. They must always create a reason to do this, so sit back while reasons pop up and people are used as scapegoats and reasons for this invasion..

In any case those who follow political issues in a very keen way, have outed Kony 2012 as being a SCAM. it has been stated that though Kony has created many atrocities he hasn't been in Uganda for years. Some Africans even thought  he was dead because of this. It's also been revealed that there's a large amount of oil in Uganda.

Here are two videos you won't see on mainstream media, videos that should make you want to do more research.

This video reveals how many agendas have been carried out in the past and how the government gets support through deceptive and manipulative propaganda. It also explains why "The power control force" has changed it's tactics and instead of creating a disaster, tries to imply a threat due to a previous one.

This girls is from Uganda and familiar with the culture because her parents were born and raised in Uganda.Listen to what she has to say about Kony and how Ugandans react to him.

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