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Playing Devil's Advocate Amongst Devils: Jay-Z and Rhianna

Summary: Will Rhianna and Chris Browns two collaborations get pushed and receive heavy rotation? Is Rhianna's defiant nature sweet justice to Jay-Z?
Sometimes the devil makes a mistake, he's so busy looking for someone he can trick and control he doesn't realize people can trick him and try to release themselves of his control at any time.

All the satanic and occultist crap Jay-Z is into he should have done Rhianna's astrological chart before tying himself to her. If he did, he would have known that Pisces are driven by emotion. I know this I'm a Pisces. I have a little more consciousness and self-control, due to having a more stable and stronger upbringing but like a lot of Pisces I am willing to go with what I feel any day.
At times a Pisces seems easy to control, but in an instant they become uncontrollable due to their feelings and they will put everything on the line for their instincts and emotions and not care. So at the end of the day it's hard to hold on to and control a fish. A fish needs to feel free. Because of this it's hard to see Rhianna last for the long-run in the industry. In fact she seems to be displaying the ENERGY of feeling true bondage due to her career, that's why she is quick to cancel shows, not give her all and act out with bizarre behavior.
Rhianna's Thug life Tattoo
He should have sought a Virgo like his wife, who has the ability to be less emotional and more mechanical when they are trying to obtain a goal.
So here we have Rhianna slapping Jay-Z in the face by effecting his image and management company. I'm glad I did more research because initially I was confused about this situation. I could not understand how Rhianna could behave like an independent artist by putting together two collaborations with Chris Brown being under Def Jam and Roc Nation's management.

Come to find out like most things in Jay-Z's life he's not in full control. He wants you to think he is and lower conscious people tend to believe this but he is not. When you decide to walk amongst darkness you will rarely have total control. No matter how much money Jay-Z obtains he's not in his domain. He's in a tightly controlled domain with deceivers and connivers, those who are like this usually obtain the most power in places where dark ENERGY rules.

Now I won't be a fool like some people, I'm wise enough to know that you must observe deceitful demonically possessed people in more than one way. You must do so because they believe in illusions and trickery in order to hide the truth.

So when it comes to Rhianna's collaboration with Chris Brown you have one of two situations that explain it:

One--Jay-Z knew about it but understands the need to protest it in order to protect his own image.
Two-- As reports claim another top official who handles Rhianna gave the green light to go ahead and create the collaborations with Chris Brown.

At first I was leaning towards the first theory because Jay-Z is all about the bottom dollar, he does not truly care about anything besides that Though Rhianna collaborating with Chris Brown is controversial, people eat up controversy and support it, even if they do so inadvertently.
This is why he continues to use a lot of occultist symbolism in his music and videos, despite people's concerns that he is in the Illuminati and a Freemason Satanist.
Satanist Alex Crowley's Slogan "Do what thou Wilt"= 'Do what the hell you want 

I call this incident "sweet justice" from the Universe. Under the guidance of Jay-Z Rhianna has gone deeper and deeper into darkness, in a seemingly maddening type of way. In fact she seems almost beyond control. So in my eyes I hope that he is experiencing what happens when you promote and encourage chaos and mindless self-indulgence.
The ENERGIES he puts out through his music is causing the same when it comes to the youth coming up in this generation. And though the devil tells him it's not his fault it's the parents fault, at the very least he is a contributor to the ENERGIES that make those coming up lack control. In fact I think Rhianna's career symbolizes that ENERGY.

She seems sexually out of control, she seems out of control when it comes to substance abuses, and doesn't seem to have a regard for her body. It's only for so long her natural beauty can hide these damaging ENERGIES. I just took a bus trip up North and the entire way a girl had Rhianna plugged into her ears listening to her sexually charged songs, even when she fell asleep which is very dangerous. This was a girl who revealed when talking to her friends she already had a son out-of-wedlock. A lot of girls coming up have a disgusting, usable ENERGY, they have the ENERGY of being sex-workers and whores parading as normal woman. The darkness of this industry is trying to normalize girls like Rhianna.

Anyway, I like this, I like that Jay-Z must come across as someone who can't control his talent and walk amongst other men in the industry who have more control over their artist. After-all he picked her and she seems to have a disregard for him, nor fear him in any way..

Still, as I said keep your eye open for the devil and realize it's possible he knew about this and allowed it to happen. Stay tuned for my article revealing the ENERGY of Rhianna and Chris Brown's collaboration and how it can affect YOU in the long run.

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