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Is Karrine Steffans Finally a "Hoe Down"?

I want to emphasize something that might not seem clear in some of my articles. I want to point out that when I attack someone, I'm attacking their ENERGY; I'm not attacking the person as an individual. When I talk about Amber Rose, she could be Bamber Rose, Camber Rose, Damber Rose, Ember Rose, Famber Rose.........Zamber Rose lol, you get my drift. It's not personal. I simply go by the ENERGY they portray to the public through the media. They could be anyone with that ENERGY who is in the spotlight.

I would not seek these women out in everyday life. If someone knocked on my door and told me there was a whore living down the block, I would not care. It is none of my business. That is between her and the Creator.

But as stated, when these women make their way into the spotlight and hover over this culture and the impressionable youth spewing their ENERGY they need to be torn down. Not doing so impacts the culture, the mentalities of those who absorb it and starts to transform the types of perceptions people have of each other.

The more whores in the spotlight, the more Black women will be viewed as whores..........PERIOD. This is a metaphysical statement and cannot be changed. Just like the more we see fake Black women who are allowed to have a strong ENERGY in mainstream culture, the more Black women will seem fake and the more fake they will become. Again that is metaphysics, a "Law of Nature" and cannot be changed.

In any case, I realize that many of these women have disturbing backgrounds of abuse and mistreatment and many times it has caused them to become what they are today. I think that's sad, tragic and unfortunate but it does not ERASE the fact that we can't support their image in the media. We have to come against them through NO SUPPORT. This means not watching any T.V. show, movies. It also means not supporting their endorsements or magazines with them on the cover.

Now I want to talk about Karrine Steffans, a woman some might say played a big part in making exploitation seem profitable and worth it.

In my opinion Karrine Steffans is right where she should be and in the position women like Amber Rose, NeNe, Nicki Minaj, Draya, Rhianna and any of the other exploitive, low standard people who help fuel the low perception of women and make them objects should be in.

Over the years most people have lost respect for Karrine Steffans,even the few who had sympathy for her
have woken up to her manipulative ways. People are very vocal about this. 99 percent of the comments about her are negative and people consider her the bottom and the lowest you can go. Both men and women feel this way.

Now let me explain what I'm trying to convey.

No matter how much people talk negatively about Karrine Steffans just like any human being who has a survivor instinct she keeps trying to stay relevant. In doing so she only makes a fool out of herself. As she
desperately tries to act like she's not fazed by the negative attention, she has failed to rise to her previous
unrighteous glory of having a New York Times bestseller so far.


There is nothing we can do about Karrine Steffans making internet videos and trying to gain people's attention through making a spectecule of herself. But we can KEEP HER IN THAT POSITION.

She should be someone that is gawked at on the Internet.
It's important for the generations coming up to see this, and not envy her or want to emulate her, but see the
sad state she's in. Take a look at this video of Karrine Steffans, a mother and supposedly (eye-roll) wife  who's still trying to use creating scandal and her body to gain attention. A woman who's still trying to attach herself to men in the industry to gain attention despite how much younger and uninterested they are.

I refused to post the entire 3 plus minute video, the first half is just her posing half-naked on a
bed trying to give people a reason to ignore her "craziness" I posted the portion I think shows her ENERGY and how demented she has become over the years. Karrine is a different type of crazy than most. She is crazy but she knows what she is doing. She knows what she is saying and doing, she is simply trying to gain attention, so that makes her even worst than a mentally deranged crazy person That makes her pitiful. She speaks about having a connection with Lil wayne, a man who chooses to ignore her.

OK let me stay on track with my point!

Remember we can't control that, but we can make a decision by not supporting ANYTHING that will help her generate money in a direct way. Again, that means not supporting her books, any T.V. show or magazine cover she might be on as well as any endorsements.

It's important for me to add the fact that Karrine Steffans tore herself down by revealing her relationship
with Bill Mahr who's respected by many in the industry. Even though she said favorable things about him, being linked to her was an embarrassment to him once people started to disrespect her due to her exploitative ways. It became similar to a "call girl" or "stripper" revealing a tryst with a respected man.

Now listen to Karrine Steffans demonstrate a lesson from this metaphysical Universe. It doesn't matter how poised you try to be, how articulately you try to convey yourself and how quick you are with your responses, YOU CAN'T RUN FROM YOUR ENERGY.

Karrine Steffans is on my list of worst mothers that ever graced the spotlight. I'm sure her son makes a point of hiding from others the fact that he is her child. It's unfortunate that through the years the media seems to revolve around exploitation and has lost a sense of pride and decency. In this era the demented and damaged can play out their issues before the world in the hopes of making money. We can only come against this ENERGY through making sure their actions don't seem worth it.

At this point a lot of resistance has to be shown to Karrine Steffans before she deflates completely. She was able to rise to the heights of being on the New York Times bestseller list for a year and it will take a lot for her to realize people have had enough. As I stated thus far, since the success of her first book people seem to be on the right track by simply gawking at her on the Internet, but any slip in spiritual strength by supporting her will cause her ENERGY to explode again and create other ENERGIES like hers.

I hope that Karrine Steffans has an awakening because it's really sad when a human comes to this earth and fails to spiritually grow by losing their sense of shame and self-worth. Hopefully when her two kids are adults they will understand this and strive to be the opposite.

In light of the title, here is a website I did after the success of Karrine's first book to encourage Black women not to make her second book a success too. I made many accurate predictions.

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