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The Game Created a Situation His Ass Can't Cash

Summary: The Game has to pay at least $5 million dollars to police officers due to an incident which occurred in 2005. How does a person's ENERGY and actions effect them down the line? Will The Game continue to feed negative ENERGY by acting as if that large sum of money does not effect him and comes easy?  
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Trying to decipher the ENERGY of this culture in order to motivate yourself not to support it takes effort. It takes effort because you have to be awake and conscious. We have the opportunity to see the truth about many of these rappers through "The Game".

It will be interesting to see how much bragging "The Game" does about money being that he owes at least $5 million dollars in compensatory damages to five officers in Greensboro, NC. It will be interesting to see, because many of these rappers talk about the amount of money they have even when they truly don't have any.

This has wrecked havoc on the mentalities of Black men in the community because they are trying to chase and obtain something that those who brag about it don't even have. In return the community suffers and the lives of these men suffer. They're fed an illusion and buy into it. Nothing comes easy in life and the worst mentality that one can have is to think that being negative to obtain money doesn't have a high price at the end of the day.

I can tell you based on being around a man who built a multimillion dollar company, most rich people work very hard for their money and most do not have millions of dollars in liquid cash. Most of their money's tied up in assets, therefore they are worth however much their assets amount to. For example, Oprah Winfrey does not have millions of dollars in liquid cash, even though she may still be worth close to a half a billion dollars.

The smartest rich people make sure their money is tied up. Having money for the sake of money means nothing. If money is not building interest and growing it eventually becomes worthless because the value of the dollar steadily decreases. This is why people who are truly rich keep their money tied up in real estate, stocks, bonds and other interest building investments. Surprisingly this does not include putting money in the bank, only the super-rich would place a substantial amount of money in the bank long-term. Banks do not award the type of interest rates that other investments do. It explains why many rich people continue to work hard. Many of them will live off some of the profits they must continuously generate.

Anytime the profits they generate goes down, they would have to liquidate some of their assets to obtain more liquid cash. For this reason I shook my head at those who believed that 50 cent and Birdman bet $5 million dollars on the Superbowl. If either of them have that much liquid cash, they are retarded and would be looked down on by the truly rich. It was a lie designed to make themselves look powerful and keeps the low conscious in the state of being simple.

Anyway, I'm sure it's safe to say "The Game" doesn't seem like a financial wizard, I'm sure $5 million dollars is a hefty load for him to handle. 

Too bad for him but it doesn't change the fact that "The Game" real name Jayceon Taylor is in hot water that he can't get out of. Of course it's something he would never share with the public due to wanting to keep up his image of having a lot of money, but luckily all things become revealed.

"The Game" must pay five Greensboro, NC officers $1 million dollars EACH.

In 2005 being the genius that he is, The Game was scheduled to perform in Winston-Salem NC and decided he would greet people at the Four Seasons Town Centre in Greensboro, NC wearing a mask. Because he was wearing a mask and creating a commotion in the mall, police officers asked him to take the mask off, but he refused.

The situation escalated and resulted in him being pepper-sprayed, thrown to the ground and arrested. While this was happening one of his friends was video-taping the incident.

Now first let me say I live in the area in a smaller town outside of Greensboro, N.C. and Black people go to the Four Seasons Mall all the time without incident. Just like with other incidents it always seems to be a certain type of Black person that brings out hostility in the police and escalates the situation to a dangerous point.

One of the Black female security officers at the scene often came into a store I was working in at the time and she was very nice, she would always try to buy roses for her significant other when we had them. In the video following this article you can hear her urging "The Game" and his crew to calm down, stop cursing and turn off the camera. Of course they did not do so, instead they continued to curse, called her 'a fucking faggot" and said 'she's trying to be a man so bad' indicating she was gay. They where mad because they felt she called the cops. They even called her a "little shit".

This is when I admire the police because as calm as I am I can't help but wonder if I would consciously or subconsciously bang the person's head on the side of the car, who called me a "little shit" while they where getting in the cop car and say "oops, I told you to watch your head".

The Game and his crew has no respect for law enforcement and showed that clearly during this incident. At one point after cursing profusely and an officer asks them to stop, they asked the officers 'if swearing is against the law'. It's not but it definitely escalates the situation. Listen to my podcast I speak further about that fact.

Following this incident "The Game" put out a DVD "Stop Snitchin, Stop Lyin" and edited the footage of the altercation to make the police officers look as if they where brutalizing him. Due to this, five officers involved in the incident decided to sue "The Game" and Bungalo inc, the company who helped produce and market the DVD. They filed suit in 2006 claiming defamation of character and in 2010 each officer was awarded $1 million each in compensatory damages and the five officers together were awarded $2 million in punitive damages.

The Game tried to appeal the lawsuit but the charges where consequently upheld by the courts and he owes $1 million dollars to each of the five officers involved. The litigation for the punitive damages is still being reviewed.

I'm sure he wishes he could go back to that day and choose to be more civilized and use his brain. At the very least I'm sure he regrets putting this incident on his DVD, especially since he knows deep down he was in the wrong. All he had to do was inform the mall ahead of time that he was making an appearance or cooperate with the officers reasonable request, but 'No' he felt he had to "keep it real" and become confrontational.

Listen to my podcast below and take a look at the incident that resulted in this lawsuit.

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