Exposing the ENERGY of Entertainment To Release People From The Mental and Spiritual Bondage It Creates!

Do Women Know Their Name Is B*tch?

Many men don't realize how true the statement is metaphysically!

Should I not say anything? Maybe I should just let it go, Maybe I shouldn't talk about how the music of today has programmed Black women to accept being called b*tch casually.

Many people have talked about this but I wonder if people realize it becomes a form of programming. Repetitively calling a woman a "B*tch" over and over again is similar to beating the word into the brain. And when it's done at the rate and frequency that is seen in this culture, the mind and spirit breaks down. It breaks down because it becomes so overwhelmed by it, it doesn't know what to do, so it subconsciously accepts it. Women accept it because it's harder to fight it once it becomes common in the culture which is idolized.

It's one of the ways negative Black men have broken down the spirit of Black women in the community. And in an ironic twist many Black women play the role of what they are being called and it effects positive Black men most. It effects them most because they usually seek a woman to be softer where harder, more negative men can handle the roughness of Black women with more ease. The suffering of these positive men would bring sympathy if they had a tendency to intercept this action, but they don't, so it's appropriate for them to face the ramifications of this mental mutation. It's the same thing with the word "Hoe", which I will talk about later.

Now of course I have a powerful solution, the Universe will always give it to me because I seek it, but it takes effort and full support to combat these ENERGIES and bring shame to them. We have to realize that in addition to NO SUPPORT, we have to counter these ENERGIES that are displayed lyrically and visually with a contrasting ENERGY that has the ability to attack the ENERGIES we want to defeat.

So in other words, we need to, not only verbally but visually demonstrate what is occurring in order to bring SHAME to the act, which results in change. When the ego becomes boosted by negativity it's important to tear it down through embarrassment. Reasoning will not work because the ego is already uplifted and empowered by the negative action. A sense of satisfaction develops and a person does not let go of what's satisfying even when it's dangerous, or destructive in the long-term. They have to be compelled to change through shame and embarrassment when negativity takes a "strong-hold".

Dave Chappell was good at making fun of negative ENERGY, but he didn't clarify his intentions when he was making fun of some of the mentalities and things this race does. Because of this non-Black people loved him as if he was "cooning". His technique stopped short of tearing down the mentalities of negative people through shame. I still like Dave Chappell, though it took me a while to catch on to the fact that he was making fun of this race. I think I finally realized that when I came across his clip "Keeping it Real" Brenda Johnson.

In the clip a woman calls the wrong number, a ghetto female answers the phone and thinks that the woman is trying to call her boyfriend and the situation escalates. The lady tries to tell her she made a mistake and dialed the wrong number, but the ghetto woman didn't believe her, so she found her address, showed up at her house, and vandalized her car. The only problem was, it was the car of the lady's Brother, a FBI agent, so she got arrested, but she was "Keeping it Real". Then she went to jail and got in trouble because she had to "Keep it real" there too.

In fact here's the skit, for those who forgot or didn't see it. (will load)

We have to bring this ENERGY back and use it to address some of the mentalities that have developed due to this culture. That's my goal and I hope as you guys continue to view my site you will help me along. If I only got $1 dollar from each viewer I could buy a professional camera, so that I can put the need to attack negative ENERGY with counter images into action. We need to be in action and not just complain. But I'll talk more about that later.

In any case, I decided to do this thread because I was researching rapper "Tyga" and trying to absorb the ENERGY of his music. For those that don't know he's a "Cash Money" artist on Birdman and Lil Wayne's label. I'm researching his lyrics to absorb his ENERGY because I was on Detroitnews.com and they have an announcement saying that he's coming to Detroit March 13 to perform.

This was posted right next to an article I was reading about how crazy things are in Detroit and how the youth are "wilding out". I can't lie if I was the mayor of an endangered city like Detroit we would have to find another way to generate money because I would not allow his ENERGY to "ignite" the youth in an area where they're already behaving as if they are insane. An area where their mentalities are already negative.

Anyway I came across one of his songs, and it reminded me about my need to address how the word "B*tch" has replaced woman, girl, chick. Many females have become desensitized to the word B*tch. It's repetitively pounded in their heads and goes deep into their subconsciousness to the point they become numb. It's like sticking someone with a pin in the same area over and over again, they will eventually become numb and not feel the danger of it.

The spirit relinquishes and accepts this abuse because being resistant to something that's so overwhelming and a strong ENERGY in the culture becomes tiring, so within the subconscious mind it seems like a lost cause and acceptance takes place.

Yes, this is what I consider a quick post, don't front it took you less than 2 minutes to read lol, anyway here are the lyrics and I will be talking about this more later.

Picture a skit where the word B*tch is replaced with Punk and the tables are turned. Or one where his mother's constantly addressed by someone calling her a Bi*tch.. WE MUST FREE OURSELVES AND THE YOUTH FROM THE BONDAGE'S OF THESE ENERGIES.

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How Many Times was the Word B*tch Used

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