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Cash Money Didn't Check Rape Victims Background First

Attention: The Cash Money crew does this all the time, unfortunately they ran into a woman who could not be paid off. A woman who was not use to being abused and used. A woman who values herself a little more than others and couldn't be silenced with $100,000.
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There are so many ENERGIES in this story. ENERGIES that reveal the over-all ENERGY of the "Cash Money" crew.

Before I get into how this incident of rape is nothing new with this crew, first let's be honest. We know Birdman and his Brother are the grimiest of the grimy. You can absorb that ENERGY based on how they look. In fact, all of the members and it's associates look like they've been "dragged up", not "brought up" in life. You can tell they maintain their sanity and egos through drugs and alcohol 24/7. Without those two substances they would rather die because they would be forced to face their true ENERGY and character.

The only members who have a more polished look is Drake and fake Nicki Minaj. Even though Nicki Minaj looks fake she simply looks just that, fake. She's spend tons of money on making herself look like a polished Barbie Doll. She doesn't look poor, and ghetto "battle" scars don't ravish her body. Again, she paid a lot of money to make this happen.

But most of the other members and associates choose to look exactly like where they come from; a broken down community with grim and dirt all around. A community where hustling tactics and mentalities, leads to a lack of respect for women because they where raised with women who live in the same environment and carry it's ENERGY. This leads to them having a demented, perverse idea of sex. Sex and aggression is almost always synonymous with many men who grew up in harsh environments.

By the way, let's take a moment and give ourselves a hand for allowing them to feel empowered  through negativity and have an ENERGY that is stronger than the President of the United States in our Society........................Bravo Black people.

And even though I'm not in their presence, I can hear the voices of those who claim they don't support this. Guess what? your voice is weak. Being passive and indifferent is just as bad or worst than supporting these ENERGIES. The Universe will count you out and allow the negative ENERGY to dominate over you because it's stronger. It will cast a cloud on anything positive you try to do or portray. Negative ENERGY has to be attacked. Most of the time it has the power of darkness behind it so it is very strong and will not just melt away. It will progress, mutate and get stronger. This will negatively change your environment and the social interactions you have with those around you. You will be perceived them differently and they will perceive you differently. We can see this happening in this era.


Nicole Westmoreland is trying to hold Cash Money Records liable due to her being raped in a studio bathroom by one of their associates Alfred Clevland. She claims she was invited by "Birdman" Bryan Williams to come give a presentation to "Cash Money" employees. What type of presentation you ask, that was not clarified.

She claims that "Birdman" left her in the lounge area and Alfred Cleveland appeared and followed her into the bathroom and raped her. Alfred Cleveland is currently serving time in jail for the crime. The victim Nicole Westmoreland is suing "Cash Money" records because she believes they are responsible because Alfred Cleavland worked for them.

Both "Birdman" Bryan Williams and his brother Ronald Williams deny the fact that Alfred Cleavland worked for them and says he was a friend and someone who hung around those in the company. Nicole Westmoreland also claims they offered her $100,000 if she didn't report it to the police and when she refused they threatened to kill her.

OK, let's start with the fact that this happens all the time in the Cash Money camp. I told Black women about the dangers of supporting a culture that creates the ENERGY of their ass being a "piƱata" and something to attack and "beat" on. In return many of these men get a kick out of attacking a woman's ass and taming it, sought of speak. It gets to the point with a lot of men who allow this demented ENERGY to penetrate them where a woman agreeing to have sex is not enough.

They want to feel as if they are conquering these woman who are viewed as "teases". They want to take out their aggression on these women physically, because they subconsciously despise and hate them. The sad thing is, it doesn't matter if the woman in front of them is different. All it takes is for her to place herself in an environment that is typical of the woman with that "teasing" ENERGY and they'll be abused too. The fact that they are different becomes a mute ENERGY.

In the case with Nicole, she was a-typical to "Cash Money", she was different. Usually Cash Money is able to pay off the woman they hand over to their friends to use, by giving the woman an amount of money they have never seen before. But, Nicole refused to take the $100,000 dollars she was offered and truly felt violated. She wanted the attacker to pay by going to jail and wants Cash Money to pay with dollars.

It's unfortunate that a lot of the girls that place themselves in these situations are use to being used and abused, so when they are offered a large amount of money, they just add the abuse to the list of all the other abuses and feel grateful they're at least being paid for it. Most of the time these girls have a background that makes them desperate so they accept the abuse for profit like a stripper or hooker.

I believe "Birdman" was fully aware of what was going to happen and the woman was set-up. She was "feed to a wolf, his homeboy" sought of speak, it's something "street Nigg*as" do all the time amongst their crew. It's considered a "street level" sentiment being given from one Brother to another.

There is so much I can say about Cash Money and those around them. These are men who "handle" women. Women are like objects to them, they don't have softness towards these woman. They don't have a sense of softness when it comes to women due to the type of woman they were raised around. Many of the women they where raised around become harden and use their bodies to extort money from men in various ways.

I have a surprise for you, guess who has a different ENERGY besides Drake?

Lil Wayne, yes Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne is not a hard Brother, his heart is not hard like "Birdman". Birdman is the top demon of that group and organization. It didn't shock me that many of the women who have been with Lil Wayne claim he likes to act like he's "making love" more so than other rappers and athletes they have been with. He is more gentle. He probably would resist if he was FORCED to rape a woman by his crew. Not long ago, he revealed how Birdman had a hooker give him a "blow job". He didn't really want to do it but they held him down and made him.

I don't want to go too much off topic, but I will be speaking more about "Birdman" and the background of his life that caused him to become so hard. I will also talk about how Lil Wayne has backed himself into dark corner being associated with Birdman and deals with it.

Take a look at Alfred Cleveland, he looks unfazed and hard. He looks like a career criminal and a man who's been to jail before. Because of this it wasn't shocking to hear how he raped this woman. It didn't shock me that he bit her with aggression and raped her from behind, like they do in jail.
Many women in the days to come will be raped from behind with a "jail culture" ENERGY and because that position is greatly emphasized in this culture.

Now let me end this article by saying; one I believe Nicole was raped and I do not blame her in any way. Of course she did not gauge the ENERGY of the situation and those she was meeting with but I don't think she provoked the event. Being around those using drugs and alcohol is dangerous, being around those who use drugs and alcohol who are "hard" and don't "give a crap" about life and woman is a disaster.

Two,  I want to end with what I always end with. "It's important to TEAR DOWN THE CULTURE".


You tear it down through NO SUPPORT and turning away from those who contribute to the ENERGIES that have this community in spiritual bondage. Butt models need to be Kept under the bed, they cannot become an ENERGY that seems to represent every day women.

It's also important to bring down the power of Cash Money Records through NO SUPPORT. Anything it's artist put out or endorse should NOT be supported. That includes refusing to watch them when they're being honored or featured at award shows.

The thought of doing this is a pain in the ass to most people. Subconsciously they want to do what they want to do, and watch what they want to watch. They fail to realize that the Universe responds to sacrifice with something better and more rewarding than simply accepting what you are given. People must begin to realize their POWER over celebrities. The choice is up to humans at the end of the day.

Stay tuned for my article on Birdman's ridiculous Superbowl bet.

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