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Bow Wow Hiding in the Corner Many Black Men Face

A judge in Georgia ordered the arrest of Bow Wow for failure to produce documents pertaining to a civil lawsuit against him where he's accused of owing a tour bus company almost $100,000**** Read what the stars mean at the end of the article.
Sometimes I wonder are we any use to each other in this race. Yes, I have to start the article off in this tone.

Now some of ya'll know me by now, I'm not going to approach a story in the same cliche way that others approach or discuss a story. It's important to look deeper and absorb the ENERGY of the story and find out what can be learned from it.

Over the years, just like many Black men Bow Wow has had the pressure to seem like a "Real Dude" by flashing, flossing and portraying himself as a "Baller". Many Black men don't realize the lack of humility and humbleness that ENERGY sends off. In not realizing this, they forget that the Universe cares about the spiritual, not the material, so there will almost always be a lesson that has to be learned and a "fall" on the horizon. The Universe attacks those who are not humble. It does so because not only does it stunt the person's spiritual growth, but it also helps stop others in some way.

So let's take a look at Bow Wow's ENERGY

Despite his many efforts Bow Wow just can't keep up the facade of being a "Baller" who has money coming out his ass any longer.
Let me pause for a moment.........

Since I started off the article the way I did, by attacking this race, let me go on to explain that a little more.......I just can't understand a race that allows it's men to back themselves into a corner by being flashy and over the top all the while sending the ENERGY of being irresponsible when it comes to money. An ENERGY that influences those coming up behind them. We have allowed this to be done through the media for decades. In turn the damage it's done by placing the wrong mentalities in the heads of many Black people is overwhelming. It has caused a scenario where many Black people don't know how to manage their money or finances in a way that's profitable to them in the long-term.

Bow Wow didn't create this epidemic, he's just another Black man who's pitied and joked about because money mismanagement seems so common in a concentrated way amongst Black male celebrities and athletes. Which again leads to many everyday Black men falling into the same trap.
Here we have a Brother who just last October went to "King of Diamonds" strip club in Miami with Chris Brown and tipped three strippers $5,000 while throwing money all over the place. He even dropped money on Chris Brown's 2-story cake lined with Swarvoski crystals.

I'm sure most can add so that means he gave $15,000 to three "drug, hazy" sluts to sniff away and then another undisclosed amount to others who will now probably laugh at him due to his money troubles.

Of course he did this because prior to that, it was disclosed he owed the IRS over $120,000 for tax liens spanning over several states. He actually had a tax lien from the state of Florida for $91,105.61. The same state he chose to give money to women who get paid to "play men" daily. At that time he also owed back taxes for the year 2006, 2008, and 2010.

But like I said he was under the pressure to keep up his image of being a "Baller".
That's not the saddest part to me. The saddest part is the fact that his mothers store "Taste" was seized by the State of Georgia and shut down because of a tax lien. Her "Baller" son could not help her out of that predicament. Of course being the loving Mom I'm sure she tries to be, she blamed it on her accountant, but it wouldn't surprise me if Bow Wow's money was tied into her store. I'm sure his mother has tried her best to live off of his well-being and name. Not in a menacing way of course, but naturally so.
Now bear with me, I'm trying to make my articles shorter, though exploring ENERGY is deeper than just presenting gossip. But let me just add this, I find it so hard being part of a race that refuses to love each other enough where we release the bondage that we put ourselves in via this culture due to being mentally disturbed.

Yes, I said it! We are mentally disturbed.

Black men will act like "Ballers" and showcase themselves as being irresponsible with money because they've been brainwashed by the mentality that doing so instantly puts them in the status of "Rich White Men". Black men are men who are perceived as having the least. It doesn't help that many grow up not having much to their name. So when they get money they develop the determination to show that they have. It also doesn't help that they have backed themselves into a corner and created an ENERGY that says the "Realest" Brothers have money to spend.

Think about it, do most rich White men brag and flash their money around in beyond extravagant ways? Would White men at the country club put their money in stocks and bonds or spend it on random strippers, particularly when they truly don't have any money beyond whats in their hand?.

We have to ask ourselves why do we accept Black men doing this, why do we like it?

Of course I know the answer it's because we live vicariously through them in a sick way and feel a tinge of "Ha look at a Black man with money". But what did I say truly happens? It puts the race in bondage. Black men live in bondage by the images they create in more ways than one.

At the end of the day Bow Wow is a grown man and has to take responsibility for his actions, but wouldn't it be nice if he knew he would be loved and respected as he progresses into truly having money by gaining it in a more conservative slow way? Wouldn't it be wonderful if he didn't feel the need to play the role of a "Baller" and still got respect?

Boy oh, Boy like I said in the title, the corners that Black men back themselves into is sad. It would require a lot of spiritual love that is not materialistically based to get them out. Do you have the strength to give that love, by turning away from the "flashiness" of this culture through NO SUPPORT?

Ya'll know me I can go on all day and get into how this has effected Black men in everyday life. They too, are trapped by the images and mentalities they support in the media. As a race we're engulfed by the ENERGY of DARKNESS and don't even know it.

I will talk more about that later, I will also eventually like to speak about how the fact that Bow Wow's masculinity being attacked over the years put even more pressure on him to conform to men who have a certain image.

***OK here''s what the stars mean, I'm a highly conscious person so I can only hope and pray that Bow Wow is not another target within the industry. I cannot fully absorb that ENERGY at this point, but there are many celebrities who are extorted if they don't comply with certain expectations. The industry is ran and govern by darkness and certain things are expected of those who seek mainstream fame.
The Devil 6 Sign and "All Seeing Eye"
Bow Wow's signed to Cash Money a company that is deep within the occultist ENERGIES of this industry. First off, Birdman and the Cash Money crew are kings of throwing away money. Plus Birdman claims he bet 5 million on the Superbowl (of course that's a lie), but they don't mind one of their artist being shamed for what should be peanuts to them and easily retrieved due to Bow Wow being a rapper and actor? Anyway, It does not take away from my points in the article that remain true of Black men today in and out of the industry, but conscious beings are always on ALERT. I will try to absorb more of the ENERGY of this story as it develops.

Help Release Black Men From Bondage by Supporting their Character Over How Much Money they have. And DO NOT support those with an OPPOSITE ENERGY.

Bow Wow's arrest ordered
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