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Beyonce Reveals Blue Ivy

I have to say I'm surprised by this, I'm surprised that Beyonce agreed to reveal her new "Snork delivered baby" so quickly.  She probably was pressured by White people in the media to do so. I'm sure it would be weird to them if she didn't show her new baby like all the other female celebrities in the mainstream. Particularly after she made a spectacle of herself when revealing that she was pregnant at the VMA's. She could have revealed it before, but she didn't, she waited until millions of eyes where on her.

Of course that part, is not what most female celebrities in the mainstream do when they are pregnant, but what can you expect from a pageant girl? She wasn't up for any awards, so why not steal the show in another way?

But yeah, I'm sure the White media came knocking and said "it's time, to reveal your child before we start yapping". Let's face it Beyonce doesn't give two craps about what Black people say and think, at the most Black people simply irritate her. She is on my list of celebrities who have the nastiest team of people who hit the blogs when she has a project out and attack those who attack their client. Of course they bring up the strong negative ENERGIES coming from many in this race.

And you know me at times I do play "devils advocate" and I can see why it's easy to ignore Black people.  We're not actually a race that cares about ourselves, so we can't say much of anything to anybody, even ourselves.

I can only guess that's why most Black people ignore other Black people but listen when others talk about the race. Black people will listen to a White businessman over a Black one any day.

Do you know that at this point in time, I too, feel like I cannot be insulted by Black people. The way most Black people are born and the neighborhoods, families and environments they come from, it's just hard to be insulted by this race. And yes, I say these things because we are never in an active state of trying to do better, instead we do the opposite and create a culture that empowers negativity. We seem slow like the Africans who live in mud huts to this day. (OK they're not slow they do so for other reasons, but I will talk about that later). Sorry, I guess today my ENERGY'S mean, truthful as always, but seemingly mean.

By the way, here's a picture showing what I meant when I said she was photoed with her "Snork delivered baby"

Unless she really got taken over by her "pageant girl" ENERGY and had the pictures altered you can tell that's her child, I simply don't believe she delivered it. I think she had a surrogate mother who carried the child to term.

In any case I can't lie the lil girl is so cute, you can tell in the eyes that's her child. Hopefully she will be more natural and take after her Aunt Solange. I still can't get over the fact that Beyonce has a girl, I wish it was a boy, just like I thank the Universe that George Bush Jr. had two girls and no boys. I think we should all be grateful for that. Imagine if he didn't, I'm sure one or both of them would have tried for the presidency.

Even though the baby look like Beyonce, I can't really say I see Jay Z in the babies features. Maybe her lips and nose will blow-up in the years to come. Or maybe he was not part of the deal, you know Beyonce is the queen of feeding women that Independent Woman, women rule the world ENERGY, maybe she simply reminded Jay, 'just be glad you're with me'. 'Be glad people took the time to see that you're more than just another nigga who managed to get rich like 50 cent, but pulled a woman who's respected more than a "video girl model" in the industry'.

I wonder how "Baby Momma's" feel about Jay-Z "ogling" over this child, when he has at least one other child that we know of  that he dismisses.
I hope it's a lesson

Look how much Jay-Z had to demonstrate to Beyonce to win her over. So often women get caught up in what a man says, and not what a man does action-wise in turn they get the short end of the stick.

I won't take the time to preach but, like with most things that can be observed in life there are lessons that can be learned.

OK let me go get the mean ENERGY out of me an ENERGY I feel when I talk about Beyonce and Jay-Z and I will be back later with another article.

See ya, later!

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