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Etta James Passing Brings up Unresolved Negative ENERGY

At the end of this article I have included two links that will allow you to get to know Etta James better. You will be able to read about her obstacles and triumphs and the strong character she had that helped her live longer than most who live the hard life she did.

Etta James died this morning January 20th 2012 at the age of 73 in a Los Angeles hospital. Etta James was a singer before my time, a singer Generation X heard about in passing. She's definitely a woman this generation should know and study. A woman who represented the struggle of Black artist of the past. A singer who help lay the path for all the singers of today.

Do you know what she was doing before "Pageant Girl" predator looked her way and said to herself I can use Etta's ENERGY to make myself bigger? Before this "Pageant Girl" freak decided to morph into her character and suck away what little she had. Etta was performing her hit "At last" around the world. She felt so much pride and joy in singing the hit song she was well-known for.

She gave the "Pageant Girl" predator the OK, to sing her song in a movie that loosely depicted her life. But just like with most selfish people, that was not good enough. "Pageant Girl" predator had to suck all the life from Etta by taking her song and performing it at the inauguration ball for the Obama's. That really hurt Etta James:

To add insult to injury, Beyonce's fans and team of robots took to the Internet and attacked Etta James in every way possible. From claiming she should have been glad Beyonce sung her song because she's irrelevant to pointing out the fact that Etta James did not write the song "At Last" so it was technically not hers to begin with.
Etta sweetie pie, are we forgetting something? This is NOT your song: "At Last" is a 1941 song written by Mack Gordon and Harry Warren for the musical film Orchestra Wives, starring George Montgomery and Ann Rutherford. It was first performed in the film and on record by Glenn Miller and his orchestra, vocal by Ray Eberle and Pat Friday
Even since her death many trolls who I'm sure represent her P.R. firm or team of people are trying to lighten the blow by seeming sympathetic to Etta's death but emphasizing what a great job Beyonce did in singing "At Last" to the Obama's.

I guess they have a point if you ignore the ENERGY of the situation and how the song was Etta's life and "Bread and water. Then yes, her singing the song to the Obama's with no bra on before millions and millions of people, was OK. She sang to an audience that Etta's never been exposed to. She sang before the world the song that made Etta the proudest, a song she was known for.

And like in typical fashion Beyonce had nothing to say. She could not defend herself, and quite frankly didn't feel she had to. She knew that Etta wasn't a rival that could come against her carefully constructed career.. She knew that Etta could not stand-up to her celebrity..

What's really sad is the fact that her industry "ass kissing" son attributed her heartfelt comments to the fact that she was suffering from dementi. Unfortunately for him and Beyonce, people can feel BAD ENERGY so it never goes away without it being confronted. As the world remembers Etta James, they also remember this incident. They know in their hearts Etta James was wronged and feel the ENERGY of this being true. To this day they feel the need to vindicate her in some way.
Now can I say something? of course I'm going to say it, but I want people to understand ENERGY of what I'm about to say. I truly feel this incident and the backlash Etta faced contributed to her downward spiral. Just two years ago, she was strong enough to perform and two years later she's gone. For those that don't know, Etta James was an alcoholic and drug addict, both ailments she learned to conquer to the point where she was able to live a more stable life, and perform around the world.

Some might think what I'm saying is far-fetched, but two years later after being able to perform, then encountering "Pageant Girl" predator she's dead. Now this can be a pure coincidence or it could be the ENERGY of having to deal with hatefulness from Beyonce fans and the media took it's toll. I am confident the latter is true.

I have the desire to learn more about Etta James and you can too.
Buy her autobiography "A Rage to Survive" from Amazon.

Read a quick Biography about Etta James at Wikipedia

May Etta's soul rest in peace she deserves it!

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