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The ENERGY of Jay-Z's Pledge To Stop Using the B Word

I always agreed with the ENERGY of Beyonce trying to keep her mouth shut as much as possible, aside from giving mandatory interviews to promote whatever she's doing. She's smart enough to know she's so out of touch with others that people can take anything she says and discover more about her spirit.

If the rumor is true, why can't Jay-Z take the same advice? Supposedly Jay-Z has vowed to stop using the "B" word since he now has a "stork delivered" baby girl.
At the age of 42 he decides to stop saying the "B" world because he is now father to a baby girl above all other baby girls and young women of the world? It's something he should have just done and kept to himself.

Now some might try to make light of this, and simply see the good in it. But given that Jay-Z puts out a constant ENERGY of selfishness and superiority over the masses, I must say I am not impressed.

It's also important for people to absorb the ENERGIES of this: First you mean nothing to celebrities. I did an article explaining the TRUE mindset of celebrities and how people are simply currency and stock that rises a celebrities since of power within their circle. Most celebrities would die if they had to mingle with the masses.

Second, when do people in Society value themselves and the youth enough to stop wearing a "Kick Me" sign and allowing celebrities to do only whats good for them? Ironically it makes it hard for celebrities to find everyday people relevant. They see the public only through how much money they generate from it and only change or defend themselves when their stock is lowering.

Like Rhianna who has no problem smoking weed out in the open because she doesn't feel social responsibility, many celebrities take advantage of the fact that people are possessed by them and the success they seem to have. Because of this they will consciously or subconsciously idolize them, defend them and turn a blind-eye to most things they do even when they seem to complain.

Most people, subconsciously hate and despise their everyday boring life and will fight to protect those who seem to live a more extraordinary one. Most people don't realize that they are doing this, they simply suffer the repercussions of the ENERGY celebrities put out into the world.

OK I'm going to be mean for a moment and say, I hope this child rocks their world and acts like a little demon, making their hands full.

OK, that's not nice, but I do hope that "Blu Ivy" helps to humble her parents and teaches them to look at the world differently. They are no longer unique in terms of being a parent. Being a celebrity allows you to feel isolated from people, but now they have a human life in their hands. Life created just like many others.

It's ironic, Jay-Z has always had a resentment towards Black women, but he sought Beyonce hoping to make the ultimate power couple. Instead they have become one of the most annoying couples of the 21st century. At the same time they are the perfect metaphysical match because they are both the same.

I can promise you, leave it up to Jay-Z and Beyonce to eventually make their child seem unlikable too. A child people get sick of hearing about as if it's "the virgin Mary".

Stay Tuned, I will be discussing this more on my Thursday night Podcast January 18th 2012

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