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The Energy of Beyonce Birthing "Blu Ivy"

This was Beyonce's first time acting like a pregnant woman, next time I'm sure she will be more convincing.
Summary: Beyonce and Jay-Z supposedly had a Baby girl at Manhattan's Lenox Hill Hospital and made outrageous demands on the staff and imposed themselves on other parents. The ENERGY of them making a spectacle instead of having the child at home with a hired staff fuels the ENERGY that the pregnancy was fake and also reflects their selfish, manipulative ways.
Like Sandra Rose, I don't believe Beyonce gave birth, I believe a surrogate mother gave birth for her. Following is Jay-Z's song "Glory" a tribute to his daughter. In the song he alludes to the fact that Beyonce had a miscarriage. That could be the reason she had a surrogate mother the second time around or a publicity stunt to gain attention to the song, who knows with Beyonce and Jay-Z. In all probability and in absorbing the ENERGY of this event I believe it's both.

People need to realize that a surrogate mother simply carries the baby for a couple, the baby is still made with the DNA and genetics of the couple having difficulty conceiving. It's something that can't be detected by those who don't know a surrogate mother was involved. The child will look like and have the make-up of the couple involved.

When trying to understand why Beyonce would do something like this, people need to realize the ENERGY of Beyonce. Beyonce was raised from a very young girl to have the mentality that imperfection is shameful. I call her a "pageant girl". Beyonce is not comfortable with revealing the human side of herself. After-all a pageant girl loses points for every imperfection, it doesn't matter the heart and soul of the contestant. A pageant girl is ushered out on stage and judged by others and rewarded by how perfect she is.

Beyonce has revealed that ENERGY many times. When she fell on stage and made a big deal about it, including asking people not to post the video, it confirmed this ENERGY to me.And just like the parents of a pageant girl who wants their child to win, her father literally battled media outlets for seeing the understandable humor in her fall. Many celebrities fall and find the humor in it. Not Beyonce, slipping  means points off of her performance.

Now absorb the ENERGY of what I'm saying. As a dancer Beyonce is almost perfect and despite this, when she slipped and fell, getting back up and simply continuing like she did was not enough. She had to try to wipe away the slight imperfection of her performance. She could not calm herself by finding it empowering that she kept on dancing after the fall and everything else was perfect in the eyes of her fans.

It's like a pageant girl crying when she becomes overwhelmed or knows she messed up on the ending speech. She can't calm herself to realize that all her other performance acts where fine. Instead she gets caught up in the imperfection of the moment because she believes if she's not perfect she will not win or be considered the best.

That's why I don't like pageant shows by the way. And that's ONE of the reasons I never liked the ENERGY of Beyonce. She brought a pressure and non-spiritual, robotic ENERGY to the industry, particularly when she went solo. That ENERGY overwhelmed and affected many other female singers in the industry. It wasn't about just singing good music anymore. It became more about who's perfect and how many awards a singer has over another.

When you go through life trying to be perfect you fail to spiritually grow, you only become more efficient like a robot due to repetitive practice. That does not speak of the spirit or human nature.

In any case, I must be honest and admit, I was willing to believe that maybe, maybe, maybe Beyonce was truly pregnant and did indeed give birth. I was willing to believe it because everyone wants to accept what they're told. Most people don't want to sound like conspiracy theorist. It takes a lot of ENERGY and the brain sometimes wants to settle for what it's told. It's easier and more comforting.

However, after their recent spectacle at the hospital where she supposedly did give birth, I think it's just another media manipulation. I think Beyonce and Jay-Z are the King and Queen of selfish vanity and media manipulation. There's no wonder that in this Universe they both attracted each other metaphysically.

What does it mean to have such an ENERGY of being untrustworthy that people refuse to believe you're pregnant and then when you supposedly give birth people refuse to believe that too?

Welcome to Beyonce's world.

Here's the story fed to the media, remember the keyword is "fed":

Beyonce and Jay-Z decided to make their presence and demands known to ALL at Manhattan's Lenox Hill Hospital. Supposedly they hired a security team, rented out a floor for 1.3 million dollars, demanded that the hospital staff turn over their cell phones and ordered the hospital to put tape on security cameras on the floor so there would be absolutely no footage of "Baby Jesus" being born.lol Many parents were blocked from going into the NCIU unit to see their newborns.

A logical person would have to absorb the ENERGY of these supposed acts to see that this type of over reaction and maneuvering speaks of a hidden deception. They knew they're actions would be known, they knew that their demands would be considered over the top.

Lenox Hill hospital has already released a statement and dismissed the fact that they rented the entire floor  and other expecting mothers weren't allowed to be on the same floor.

So one has to ask themselves two things if they believed this story exactly how it's told "Why would they do this" and "Why would they choose to have the baby in the hospital if they were experiencing that level of paranoia? Many celebrity women have their children with midwives at home, and those that do have them at the hospital make it clear they want privacy and then have faith in the staff that they will respect their wishes. They realize they are compelled to act reasonable and have to trust the staff, because they can always have the child at home

If you do not trust having a child in a hospital where other people are having their children and where the staff and public dwell, why would you do so? Like one commenter said:
Why didn't she just call in a team of midwives and have the child in her own home!??
WOW there are no words to describe how amazingly self-centered that is! 1.3 million have your baby at home and rent the hospital staff next time.
People are even making jokes trying to understand this ENERGY
Honestly, why didn't they just build their OWN hospital!
I think the story is fake and planted by Beyonce and her team to mask the truth that a surrogate mother had her child. It allows the public to get distracted by what seems to be a mother overly concerned about her privacy because she is a big celebrity GIVING BIRTH. I think that her hospital stay was uneventful and done for appearances while the surrogate mother gave birth.

It explains why Beyonce give such inaccurate predictions of the child's birth date and never looked as pregnant as she said.

At the end of the day whatever the exact truth is a Blind person who could only hear and feel Beyonce's ENERGY would agree that she's the type of celebrity that would be best suited having her child at home or at a private facility. If she was truly pregnant I think she would have done so, I don't think she would have risked anyone seeing her vagina lol, lol they might speak about it and take away from her perfect "pageant girl" robotic ENERGY.

Now, it's clear to most that I am not a Beyonce fan. I've never been a Beyonce fan nor will I ever be a Beyonce fan. I think she is the one of the worst commercial celebrities Society has had to endure thus far in the 20 and 21st century when it comes to her selfish, manipulative ENERGY. And I say 20 and 21st century only because those who listen to R&B can only reflect on the artist of their time. If an old person was to absorb her ENERGY they might say she has the worst ENERGY of any artist in the 18th and 19th century too, maybe even the 17th century lol

Guess what? There's really not much more to say, the bottom-line with Beyonce and Jay-Z is that you can't believe most of what they say. If they were a couple having trouble conceiving I do sympathize with that. One can only wish this girl was OK with being human and could be more honest.

I think the Universe is trying to push Beyonce towards spiritually growth, because everytime she tries to manipulate something in her favor, it blows up in her face. Someone who has influence in her life needs to constantly say "It's OK to be human Beyonce".

Take a look at this video taken 5 days before she reportedly gave birth, look at how she is getting in the car. There are fat women who don't get in the car this way, not to mention a woman who is 8 or 9 months pregnant. No matter how hard a person tries to hide it, manipulation is always revealed. The Universe was designed that way so that each manipulative individuals hopefully becomes weak in their deception and opt for the most freeing ENERGY, the truth.

Now listen to Jay-Z's tribute song to his daughter "Glory" where he alludes to Beyonce having a miscarriage (the first time around) at the 2:17 mark
I will be speaking more about this on my upcoming Podcast show, a new feature here on Black Celebrity Energy and Black Energy News. Thanks to all those who bear with me even though I don't post often, I promise to come around in a day now and post daily. I'm trying to find a schedule where I can do so.

Stay Tuned, I will be discussing this more on my Thursday night Podcast January 18th 2012 

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