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Does Nicki Minaj Support the Natural Hair Movement?

Summary: Nicki Minaj has once again released a song that feeds into a few ENERGIES Black women claim they want to be different. From insulting natural hair, to using a term that has become the norm when referring to Black women. How much crap do we continue to eat from this woman before we understand the power of ceasing SUPPORT until she joins trying to better this culture? I'm full, how about you?
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As I told a commenter recently, I just know people will wake up. I just know people will get tired of taking in the ENERGY of celebrities who have walked away from the community due to their new life without looking back. People will get tired of them moving on but leaving an aftermath of negative ENERGY in the community due to their actions.

When people realize the POWER they have over celebrities and exercise it, we'll be exposed to a better more diverse, balanced culture. It's called FORCING Social Responsibility and Moral Standard through NO SUPPORT. It's important to do this because people will treat you in any way if you allow it.

When you CEASE SUPPORT it's like being a Bus Boycott Negro. Though this action was provoked by communist, I'm glad Rosa Parks took part in it. People comply when you are coming from a righteous, fair position and come against them causing monetarily lose.


I recently I went to a wonderful "Au Natural" seminar through Dudley products. The seminar explained the new awakening of many Black women who are choosing to go natural. Even at the seminar there were a few Black women in the small group who had their hair completely natural. They wore their hair in Afros.

My question is how does Nicki Minaji fit into this movement and does she respect it? Or does she think she's superior because she has a manufactured look. A look that truly makes her look like a "put together" Barbie doll? Many Black men are becoming disgusted by Black women who are choosing to look just as fake.

I study Nicki Minaj like a science project, it's important to do so in order to understand where certain ENERGIES are coming from. It doesn't mean she's the main source of any problem, but it's important to plug up all leaks, not just one.

In studying Nicki Minaj, I recently came across her song "Stupid Hoe". In the song she refers to the "Stupid Hoe" Lil Kim that she's rapping about as a "Nappy Headed Hoe".

I wish that in the process of writing their was an ability to pause, but imagine me pausing and asking you how many levels do you think this is wrong on. Not only is it wrong but does it seem peculiar too?

Not only is she the fakest woman to ever hit our culture, not only is she anti-natural, but the peculiar part comes in when you realize that she has taken a jab said by an ignorant White person to use it against other Black women. It's disturbing that many Black people have also done this after Imus used the term "Nappy Headed Hoe". It shows that even to this day we allow others to define us and can't take what others say "with a grain of salt" because we don't have enough confidence in ourselves. We usually take the ignorant insults others create and use them against ourselves.

Now before I end this article because I know people's heads are spinning due to reading something for a little over a minute and Facebook is calling...................... I want to point out something else:

"Hoe, Hoe, Hoe" that's the word repeatedly used in this song. Guess what has happened in terms of the word over the years in this culture? "Hoe" has become another way to say woman or girl. This has happened with both men and women. When Black men in this era say "There will be a lot of Hoe's at the club" they're not necessarily referring to women who are actually "Hoes" they are referring to women, girls. Even more ironic many Black men are starting to refer to each other as "Hoes". This sad phenomenon has happened with Black women too. A Black woman will say "Me and my hoes, such and such" and she's referring to her friends.

Some might want to take this lightly but it's becoming too general and many people don't understand metaphysics. Metaphysics says ENERGY attracts like ENERGIES, so when a group of people develop a habit of defacing themselves with or without consciousness, it becomes a way of being to them and gets worst and worst. I think it's clear to see the truth of that statement in this culture.

I can promise you many Black girls will refer to others as "Hoes" and "Nappy Headed Hoes" with more ease, as we allow artist like Nicki Minaj to plant these terms in their conscious and subconscious mind. Take a word like "Hater", the more it's been said the more others say it. It's to the point people of ALL races use the term. It's a classic example of metaphysics and ENERGY absorption.

OK, I won't go on, but it's time we stop "eating the crap" people try to force feed this race just because they are Black like us. Remember while they are living in luxury in their gated communities we are left "holding the bag" by having to deal with those affected by the ENERGY they put out.

Just to make you laugh, check out this ENERGY connection.

When I think of Nicki Minaj, I think of this scene from the old-school movie "I'm Gonna Get You Sucka"............How DARE she attack Nappy Curly Headed, Natural women

Here's the "Super Hoe" video, try to catch whether or not the word "Hoe" penetrates your vocabulary and thoughts at a later time due to absorbing the word, I will speak more about the power of the subconscious mind in another article.

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