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Watch Terrance Howard and Nicole Ari in "Spark"

I want to direct you to an intense video that shows the dangers of dealing with volatile men in relationships.

Though this movie was made in 1998, I'm surprise this movie didn't get more exposure. After-all we all love Terrance Howard and I've always like Nicole Ari Parker and hoped she could grow as an actress by doing more shows and films.

Another reason I'm re-posting this is, I recently came across a video of Jim Jones being interviewed several months ago by a female interviewer and his rude aggressive nature shines through. In just a few seconds of being rude you can tell how easily it is to set someone like him off. It seems like he would easily put her head through the wall if she so-called "kept on pushing it". It's ironic because I mentioned him in my article as being an example of the type of man with a volatile personality you want to stay away from.

Click her for "Sistas is Your Boyfriend a Spark"

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