Exposing the ENERGY of Entertainment To Release People From The Mental and Spiritual Bondage It Creates!

Shocking Confessions of Broken Black People

FYI He's done more than 10 videos since this one talking about Black women

OK Quick summary: for those who don't know the benefits of reading about an issue thoroughly. This video and article is to demonstrate the emotional state and ENERGY of Black people when they decide to give up on the race. They do NOT want to go to others but do so looking for comfort. Unfortunately often times they do not find comfort but continuously live with a sense of frustration and resentment. They live with this due to leaving the race with those unresolved emotions. The article points out the ENERGY of these actions and how we can never truly detach ourselves from each other and have happy interracial relationships if we develop them with resentment in our hearts. There can be no true spiritual connections with others without loving each other first.. For more intelligent minds Read on......
Above is a video from a Brother on YouTube who I love. A Brother who has a good heart, he's simply frustrated and beaten spiritually.. Due to this frustration he's become mentally weak. Just like most Black men he could not say what he says in the video in front of an all White, male audience, he would feel Retarded. That's one way to gauge whether or not you are speaking with emotion, he needs to realize that.

The video shows the madness that is occurring between Black men and women on YouTube. A madness that is reflecting everyday life for many. I picked this specific video because the creator recently exposed something that is shocking but revealing at the same time. Something we could all learn from.

I rarely miss things that speak of ENERGY. This is because I absorb ENERGY.

So first, I want to point out something I've always said about this race that is clearly evident by what I'm about to expose.

Now we know that many Black people are "claiming" they are giving up on the race. Many Black women are fed up with Black men, many Black men are fed up with Black women. Of course, as I said these statements revolve around pure emotion and frustration.

They're comments made by people of this race who are the most emotional and don't take the time to stop, calm down and think. Those who fail to completely analyze what they are saying and what it says about their mindset and sense of strength. They represent people who have become delusional and take in the programming that's fed to this race. Programming that leads many of us to think that when we're frustrated with each other we should move on to other races. We've been led to believe our problems will be solved when dating others. No other race speaks this way, thinks this way or behaves this way in great numbers.

There are people of other races who have been married multiple times in many cases and they never say "well, that didn't work, I'm sick of my race, I'm going to go get a Black person now". In fact they would feel silly in doing so and there are many reasons for this, I will not go into them at this time because it warrants great explanation and should be a whole separate article.


Look on YouTube and try to find videos where White men or women claim they don't like their own race and like Black people. Of course, I can leave that challenge as it is, but I know a simple person will lead me to a video or two where a White person does this and feel it is substantial evidence. They'll try to dismiss my point based on limited evidence. If this occurs I will simply do an article just for that person showing how asinine people can be "grasping at straws".

Black men seem to use interracial dating as a "threat" more than Black women.I feel more Black men have the tendency to do this opposed to Black women because Black men who date or marry non-Black women are highlighted more. Many Black athletes in mainstream media who are with non-Black women are focused on more and "singled out". Their relationships with women of other races make it seem like it's a prevalent occurrence. Of course this is not true and most athletes have Black wives and girlfriends..Unfortunately the human mind can sometimes be so simple and easily lead that just showing a few mainstream athletes with non-Black women is enough to create an ENERGY that it is more common than it is.

Because of this perception, it has convinced everyday Black men that they can do the same with ease. The same is less true of Black women. There aren't many Black women in the mainstream media who date or proclaim their love for White men. However at the same time, in order to feed into "the agenda" many Black women in the spotlight are using more White men in their videos and being photographed with White men in provocative ways. Alicia Key's "Unthinkable" video is an example. Little did she know she was being used as a puppet to feed an agenda. Once again that requires more explanation and I will do so later.

Quick Interruption: Do you think holding out certain information for later articles is ridiculous or annoying? Well some of you should ask yourself how hard it is for you to read this much when you're use to reading posts that have a paragraph or two. Ask yourself, are you distracted by the length of this post? Most people are use to reading two to three sentence responses on Facebook Stay tuned, I will be doing an article about how Social Networking has dumb-down true dialogue and expression.

OK, OK, I'll get back to the title, you'll begin to realize that it takes a few minutes to read my posts and it's better to be thorough and set up the ENERGY for what I'm trying to convey. In doing so you will be less confused and you will be able to absorb the ENERGY of what I'm saying better. At some point you have to take the time to slow down and pay attention to certain things in this fast paced society. When you don't you will simply live in confusion.

Now look at this comment:
goldenjojo1979 said:@rb0975 i am in a IR also. she is biracial ( black, white,and native american). i love it. i'm done with black women. they are a waste of time. the good men are done with black women. now that is the truth.
First let me say I like listening to his videos. I absorb all types of ENERGIES in order to get to the core of the emotions that drive people in their thinking and actions. So I'm not trying to bash this man, in fact he seems to have the potential to become a strong solider, he's simply disappointed in Black women based on the strong ENERGY of dysfunction that seethes from many Black women in this era.

In fact, he says a lot of the things I also say about Black women but he says it in a way to simply beat them down because he's disappointed and frustrated. He does not reveal the ENERGY of Black women's actions in the hopes that they change. He simply states his disapproval. He has a "how dare you, I'm going to get you with my mouth for that" type of ENERGY. He does not want to fully acknowledge why Black women have developed negative mentalities and actions in a way that shows they are not eternally bad, or damaged, he just wants to release emotion.

So as I pointed out 95% of his videos are about Black women and how they are over, and fu*cked up and irrelevant. Isn't that the first sign of an inconsistency? He takes the time to make these videos about Black women but he feels they are "over". He also claims he has found love with a woman who is not Black, yet he keeps making videos about Black women. This other woman cannot capture his full attention.

I can't wait to get my camera because it's a skit I would like to portray demonstrating this confusing ENERGY. It will be funny like a Dave Chappelle skit but at the same time reveal the ridiculous ENERGIES Black people put out when they are emotionally confused.

Here's the thing, you can't run from yourself. Black women will never be over in his mind. It does not matter what type of woman he is dating, he will always spiritually long for Black women. This is why despite his so-called, happy relationship with a woman who is not Black he keeps ranting and raving about Black women.

It's one of the reasons I tell people of other races not to get involved with the confusion between Black men and women by placing themselves in the middle of it. If a Black person does not come to you simply because they like you, but comes with a sense of not liking their own race, I tell them they should run. I tell them they should run because it's not a genuine spiritual attraction. I tell them it's similar to someone showing up at their doorstep because they have nowhere else to go and they are having trouble at home. I remind them, they would not have come to their doorstep if that were not the case, so they become a "crutch". The person also spiritually wishes they could go home. That's not the way to start nor have a relationship with someone. It's unfair to both parties and leads to resentment.

This is an ENERGY I'm sure many women of other races feel. I have felt the ENERGY of them knowing this is true. A Black man will come to them as if they are a better choice but they wish they could be with a Black woman. So there are times I've been around non-Black women in these types of relationships and they feel uncomfortable. They feel uncomfortable because they see and feel many black women who defy the stereotypes that these men have of Black women. In turn their subconscious mind wonders what would happen if their mates met the type of Black women who is different then what the man is complaining.about. They're forced to live with the sense of being in an unstable relationship emotionally and physically.

For example, let's say a man really wanted to be with a woman, but she could not cook, so he went to another woman who he "thinks" cooks better. This woman might not think she can cook better than the other woman but he is telling her she can and she accepts this because it "strokes her ego".

Now let's say after being with this other woman, the woman he really wants to be with learns to cook or becomes a chef, one could imagine the sense of uneasiness this woman would feel knowing that she has no extra value and can only continue to be with this man as long as she uses some tactic to keep him. The act of trying to keep him is where the ENERGY of White women being :"push overs" comes in at. Confused? Well, White men would never say White women are "pushovers", the divorce rate between the two confirms this. Yet, another topic I will explain later in greater detail.

Well, the opening of my article was about the ENERGY of Black men doing this, but lets take a look at Black women doing the same thing. It's a harder ENERGY to find. It's hard to find videos where Black women proclaim their love for White men in a frustrating, belligerent way like "JoJo" and other Black men on YouTube.

Again, this is because Black women have not been given the confidence and assurance that White men want them as Black men have been falsely given in terms of White women. Most of the videos I found that speak about Black women with White men are of Black men speaking about the issue. I have not been able to find a video that matches the ENERGY of the video above.

Just to prove my point let's start with a Black woman who believes that White men LOVE Black women deep down inside they just don't share it with the world. Think of how silly she sounds considering White men give no indication that this is the truth in the media.

Also note, she never pinpoints the reason why White men hide their love for Black women. She can't do this because she's confused. She's also confused in thinking that White men in general love Black women.

Of course I cleared things up for her. I had to snap her into reality by telling her that those White men who LOVE(lol) Black women hide their LOVE(lol) for Black women because it's NOT prevalent among White men to LOVE(lol) Black women. Therefore other White men would not accept anothers actions in doing so.

In order for her to comprehend this I reminded her that White men are dominate men in this world, so if they wanted to proclaim their love for Black women they would, and could do so. But again, because that is not common among a great number of White men, the White men who do LOVE(lol) Black women cannot do this. They would be looked down upon. And yes, that includes Benjamin Franklin a man she uses as an example in the video.

For those who might be just as confused as her, OK, let's think of the past. Let's think of the Benjamin Franklin era. White men are dominate now be they where extremely dominate then, this was before the Feminist era. White women did not own businesses, or have any power. Their husbands had all the power, even the White men in the community who were not married had power, they called the shots. White women had power only through the men they where associated with. So if MOST White men LOVED(lol) Black women and wanted to proclaim that openly they could have. What could a White woman have done?

Again it's because MOST White men did not feel this way. Benjamin Franklin would've been ostracized if his White Brothers knew of his LOVE for a Black woman.

Therefore she sounds INSANE, Listen to this delusional Black woman;

Now listen to another Black woman who loves White guys.

Now, what am I about to say folks?

What am I about to say?

Listen to how she expresses herself and how "white washed" she seems. She's a Black woman running from this culture. And though she has many reasons to do so considering the ENERGY of this culture in this era she does not have to morph into something she's not. She's even proud her boyfriend ran from the culture.

No matter how disappointed I am with this culture and the ENERGY of many Black men in this era, I would not run from Black men. I would feel silly and feel as if I'm running from myself. Not only that, but I had a wonderful Dad, Brother and many other Black men I grew up around, why would I insult them as if their ENERGY makes them an alien and there aren't any other Good Black men in the world? That would not make them feel special, they would resent the notion.

I really want you to FEEL the ENERGY of hurt in many Black people in this era, so here is a podcast of a Brother who makes your heart melt. I decided to make it an MP3 because I don't want to lead people to this brothers page. I feel that people should stumble across him and not visit his page to bash or pity him in any way.. This is a Black man who feels left out in this race, he doesn't feel accepted because he was raised to be a nice young man. He is explicit to how Black women treat him and I will be posting more about him.

In summary this thread was to show the emotionally disturbed state many Black people are in when they decide to seek others. It shows that many Black people who seek others, really don't want to do so. They can't break their spiritual connection with the opposite genders of this race. What they state and proclaim is merely an outburst of frustration being launched towards the opposite sex in this race.

It also demonstrates the frailty of Black people and the fact that many of us don't value ourselves or our race. Many have been successfully conditioned to think that in order to receive and get better in life we must look outside ourselves.

In Part 2 I will discuss the repercussions of doing this not only within the race, but within the relationships these types of Black people do develop with non-Blacks. I will discuss the sense of resentment they cause their non-Black partners to develop towards them and the same-sex person of this race.. I will explain how this occurs due to being sought, while the seeker is an emotional state. And how the lack of being genuine destroys both partners.

Let me end this post with a wonderful video that speaks of the truth of this community even to this day. It shows that most Black people re with other black people despite the loud, strong ENERGIES of the media and our weaker Brothers and sisters who seem to drown this fact out.

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