Exposing the ENERGY of Entertainment To Release People From The Mental and Spiritual Bondage It Creates!

Protecting Black Men from the "Growing" Confusion Around Them!

I love The Creator, he is in full control of me right now. In being in control of me (because I am apart of him), he has led me to intense research in spirituality. The Creator will constantly work on you in many ways if you allow him to. It's the most freeing experience and feeling ever. Especially when you realize he is unlike the oppressive religions that seem to represent him. It's the reason I'm "spiritually religious".

Now you saw the video and I just wonder what people feel? I know that there is fear in many people, confusion and mistrust when they think of Black men taking on this ENERGY. Would you believe that's the goal.

The more confusion created in the world helps to break people down spiritually, when a person's broken spiritually they will seek any aid, solution or materialistic artifact, to bring calmness to their soul.

Since this is about the attack on Black men let me use an example of confusion many of them are dealing with.

We can see how materialistic gains have given Black men the illusion of comfort even when their souls are not at ease. They are in a spiral of confusion. They are constantly bombarded with the notion that obtaining materialistic things will wipe away their pain. The pain of how they were born, the pain of where they were born and the pain of seeming like they are less than the other men of society.

Has this helped them?

No it's made their life worst. This is not something they will tell others. This is something they're taught to "mask" in order to be men. Many blanket their lives with drugs, alcohol and women with empty souls to cope with their life. You have to be able to see-through these types of facades. Black men need healing and direction so that they can create their own.

As of now many are mind control victims who constantly try to imitate what they're fed, even when it hurts and contributes to their spiritual demise.
They have Become Mentally Confused!

Ask yourself what's an ENERGY that's always radiated from Black men? Particularly as the years have progressed.

Doesn't it seem Black men have lost their sense of identity and their ability to be individuals without exploitation? They have yet to make their mark on the world. They have yet to become dominate within their communities. They have no direction but the directions they're led in.

Many times they're directed by other misguided Black men who look like them but they're disconnected from spirituality and love. These men help destroy their fellow Brothers and themselves. Some do this unknowingly, and some do this with consciousness for money. There is a lack of love between Black men. In turn they could not possible love Black women. Black men would have to learn how to love themselves before they can truly offer love. Of course this goes both ways and applies to Black women too.

However, we will concentrate on one ENERGY in this article.

In this video you see a Black man wearing his confusion on the outside. He can't even explain why he wants to take on the ENERGIES of a woman without being gay, he has simply been brainwashed to believe he's being an individual in this increasingly confusing Society. He feels he is the next "trendsetter" a goal that many Black men aspire to.

Wearing lipstick, nail polish and leggings like a woman does not build the individualism of a Black man it will only force them to mutate and morph into feminine ENERGY. This can only bring more confusion to the Black man, because he will not be treated like a man. The Creator created masculine and feminine ENERGIES for a reason, each compliments the other. Once these ENERGIES merge on the level that's being displayed by the Black man in this video it will cause a confusing mutation in our communities.

The only solution to this would be to love Black men in a way where they don't have to create exploitative identities to receive recognition. We must ask ourselves why we need Black men to have a particularly style or image to be accepted?  Why do they have to be dressed in a certain way for us to take notice?

We have lost our spirituality in this race. It's OK to enjoy fashion but it should not become the identity of a person. I ran into a guy today who had on a simple nice shirt and basic blue jeans. He was attractive to me, because I liked his ENERGY, that stood out the most.

In my teens I lived in a White neighborhood with my father and rode the county bus with many White students on my way to school. One of the most overwhelming things evident was the fact that many of the White guys, simply had on jeans and a T-Shirt. They did not have a particular image or fashion they where trying to portray.

That's evident in Society at large. Ask yourself what is the fashionable trend among White men, Asian men, Hispanic men? We have to allow Black men to be free, by NOT SUPPORTING Black men who promote materialistic things as his image.

When we do this, Black men will constantly look for an identity to take on. Think about it, what is Eminen's fashion style, is his clothes a focus among White people or even this race? That's the case even when you think of Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake.

That's why it's easy to attack this race. We are on a constant quest to find an identity to give us a sense of power through the radical, exploitative clothing and jewelry that adorns us. This happens when you have a low-self esteem and lack spirituality.

I won't go on but I hope that this race sees the importance of coming against the ENERGY in this video through NO SUPPORT and encouraging the youth to do the same. Because due to the weak state of our race, just like "Mohawks" that are running rapid and being worn by many Black men, if this look receives attention that results in an illusion of success other Black men will follow. They will follow to feel a sense of power that is absent from their lives.

The demonic higher powers that push these types of agendas know they can cause a lot of confusion in this race. They have an agenda to bring confusion which causes hatred, mistrust and a lack of love. Then and only then, will they be able to completely control the minds of this race. That's there goal for many reasons. Separating Black men and Black women through many forms of mistrust allows them to social engineer race among us and create a mixed race who will be the new middle class.

I will speak more about this but here is a video demonstrating this ideal:

So instead of just Black athletes and rich Black men being shown dating inter-racially, you will see more videos like this, in order to make Black men of the lowest economically scale attractive to middle and lower class white women:

Just to be clear, I do not oppose interracial dating when it's genuine in nature, but I am wise enough to know it should not be a fad, or used as a "revenge mechanism" that prevents Black men and women from addressing issues and coming together.

Later I will speak more about the techniques used to separate this race through confusion.

Quick Quiz: What is the most powerful ENERGY coming from the Dark, demonic secret societies that truly rule this world?


Their goal is to spread mass confusion, that is why they are flooding the mainstream with the some of the DARKEST artist we have ever seen right now. They're ENERGY is getting stronger. The video above features "ASAP Rocky" someone barely "up from the underground", such as the case with "Tyler the Creator, Odd Future".

Despite this "ASAP Rocky" is on tour with a top artist like Drake, not only is he on tour with him but he likes to wear fingernail polish and stockings.

Stay Strong! and Remember Confusion brings weakness. Weakness can be controlled, where strength cannot be controlled.

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