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Nigerian Woman Makes Sex Seem Dull and Unemotional

 A Nigerian Lady exploiting herself. The purity of African culture is deteriorating everyday as Africa become more technologically advanced therefore exposing it to many influences.

Why am I posting this, well I can't resist. I came across the following video while on YouTube and though it reflects the ENERGY of sex in Society now, it still blew me away. This is a time when I wish my site was generating money, because I would hold a contest and ask people what's the strongest ENERGY coming from this video.

Since that's not the case, I will just answer it. The strongest ENERGY coming from this video is how can this woman have no shame? She looks like an absolute fool and makes sex seem nasty, dirty, grimy and mechanical.

I hate the lack of passion shown in this era when sex is spoken about or shown. It makes me want to be a nun. Sex should be like "making love", it's a very powerful act. The Universe made it that way. In this era it seems like people just have it and go through the motions like the other person's a "blow up doll" or dildo. I guess that's not a problem for some because they make sure they are high or drunk when they have it.

The type of sex people seem to have makes it seem as if there's no emotion involved. It doesn't seem like it's directed to a partner, but anyone would do. Don't you want more loving and caring interactions in your life, don't you want to FEEL the ENERGY of people having the same. Wouldn't that result in "love-making" which is more ecstasy based, opposed to sex which revolves around just a temporary release?

Well I have great news, this Universe is metaphysical. The Universe is created where you can replicate the ENERGIES you want by supporting those ENERGIES. You can change your environment by supporting ENERGIES that make it better. Please think about that when you are about to fall into the trap of supporting promiscuous people in the spotlight and promiscuous shows, and ENERGIES. Fight it through NO SUPPORT and you will begin to see more scenes of "love-making" and that ENERGY in the air. In turn, people will become people again and not just objects.

Anyway, I didn't want to put the video on the homepage, it slows down the page load and she's not worth the front page. Being bombarded by women like this makes many men and women desensitized to sex. All I can think of is STD's when she says the "V" and "P" word.

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