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Nicki Minaj's Quiet 29th Birthday

 Photo Courtesy Sandra Rose
Nicki Minaji ages faster than most humans, lol

All I can do is laugh, but at the same time I want people to be able to catch these things. Now we all know the Universe decided to stay true to one o fit's metaphysical laws "All things will be revealed" and exposed Nicki Minaji's true age.

She did not expect this to happen after all she can't think ahead when it comes to everything. So after getting into an argument with her boyfriend at a Dallas Hotel and calling the police she could not stop what preceded next. She did not realize that once you call the police they will draft a police report, which requires your ID. This is not a choice but part of police procedures.

TMZ ran a story exposing the incident, Nicki Minaji claimed they where lying, so TMZ being the investigators that they are, got a copy of the police report and exposed her.

In the process it inadvertently exposed her age. So it makes sense why she would keep to herself for her birthday this year, I'm sure she's humiliated by the lie.

Many female celebrities have been suspected of lying about their age and they simply ignore the speculation and keep portraying the age that they say they are. They could even say certain documents are wrong, or certain people are lying.

Nicki Minaji on the other hand would have to come against the law enforcement and that's something she can't do.

Last year Nicki Minaj turned 26

This year she has no major parties, only well wishers

That's one thing The Universe has scratched off her head to toe fake list. I greatly despise her fake ENERGY and the ENERGY of her music. I don't like the impact she seems to have on young girls. I'm even starting to see young girls where these crazy neon colored weaves and wigs she wears. I also despise the gold-digging nature of her music that helps transform the mentalities of young girls and makes them "stuck up", arrogant divas.

I do not support this woman, I know that doing so, will help eliminate her and her ENERGY. She is not respected by most Black men and is a complete gimmick, and clown.

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