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It's Officially Lady Gaga Decides to "Marry the Night"

Now y'all know where I'm going with this, and in fact I'm going to try something different to get you to absorb ENERGY.

My first question is how do you feel when you watch this video and other Lady Gaga videos. Does it seem there's a lot of darkness inside of her, that comes through in her work?

Now, understand I'm not interested in "blank minds". Those who don't really want to think about it, just like other things in life, they just want to take it in and watch it. "Blank minds" are dangerous because they often accept anything and are easily led. "Blank minds" also influence others by making them feel absurd and ridiculous when questioning things. This opens "door gates" to negativity that in turn effects us all.

I want to address those who have opinions about the things they witness and absorb in life.

Lady Gaga's new song is "Marry the Night". I guess I'm confused because I thought she married the night a long time ago, based on the darkness of her videos.

Do you know the overwhelming ENERGY Darkness creates?.................... Confusion

Darkness attracts confusion, light brings truth and clarity. When you watch Lady GaGa's videos they are very dark and confusing. She does unexplainable things that she simply explains as "art". The truth of a person always comes out in the art that they portray. It reveals their inner emotions and turmoil. It reveals the state of their minds and the amount of negativity they have in them.

I constantly try to absorb Lady Gaga's ENERGY due to her being so influential in this culture. In doing so I have found many inconsistencies in her personality and supposed life story. She claims she was an outcast when she was younger.

She claims that as a child she was bullied, felt like an awkward reject.and people didn't accept her.

It's hard to believe that's true. Not only was she always outgoing, she started performing in nightclubs at age 14. Her mother would escort her to these performances and she had no problem performing in front of crowds. So even if she felt she was awkward it did not affect her confidence.

I bring this up because it seems a lot of her fan base relate to her because she seems to have a story like theirs. They would like to believe that her teenage years where similar to theirs and she grew up into the confident outgoing person they hope to be. It's a great ploy to use in marketing her to gain the trust of many emotionally weak people. People who are the most impressionable and gullible to absorbing her ENERGY.

Now let's take a look at more evidence that suggest Lady Gaga harnesses dark ENERGIES and Satanism to push her career forward. In doing so, it helps make those who follow her desensitized to the imagery of Satanism and the occult. Soon it will be more mainstream.

First study this picture:
Notice the upside down crosses on her outfit, now take a look at this video that shows that her one-eye symbolism, is just that, a symbol implanted in her persona from the start. Symbolism that represents the "One-Eye of Horus" Lucifer.

All I can do is laugh when I see this and envision being around her and purposely saying "Lord" over and over again. I'm sure you can imagine what that would result in. She would keep placing her hand over her eye and I would hope that the more forcefully I say it the more forcefully she would do so, maybe like slapping herself, then she could knock herself out.

Does that make this picture of Willow Smith more sinister? A picture I used in my article "Will Smith tries to Guarantee Daughters Fame".
Maybe you think it's all a coincidence. Remember that this is not Willow Smith's hand. It seems to represent the fact that she is not fully transformed into the occult yet.

Now look at this picture:
It says "Monster" with a cross below it, now watch the video and note which capsule Lady Gaga comes out of and how fast they flash this image.

Now let's take a moment to look at Rhianna's video "Rockstar" notice the similarities in ENERGIES. The darkness which symbolizes conflict and confusion, the crawling on the floor with devil horns, the notion that misery is freeing.

It's important to understand that most celebrities allow themselves to be possessed by spirits to create their art. It allows them to transform into other characters. This is not something I agree with and actually downplays the true talent of many artist, however it's common.

Take a look at celebrities who admit to this type of transformation:

Note: at 2:36 Tori Amos explains the state of distortion(confusion) DARK ENERGIES brings as I stated.

Here is Part 2 which features celebrities we all know and love

The question becomes what do you do when evil, demonic spirits takes a hold of its host? As the case with Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj and others?

It's important not to support these spirits. Allowing them to be released only transforms the environment around you in a negative way. The mentalities and actions of those around you will change for the worst, as we see in society today.

It's important to block these ENERGIES out through NO SUPPORT. That means NO SUPPORT of their music, award shows they are set to perform on their endorsements or other ventures.....................I will continuously address this situation and the war that is occurring on a spiritual level in our Universe now. This is why I speak about ENERGY.

ENERGY never lies and you can feel good and evil even though you can't see it. You do not have to accept those things which are damaging to your life's well-being and sense of calm, you do not have to accept the negative spirits of others and allow them to transform your environments. YOU HAVE THE CONTROL.
Many celebrities that harbor DARK ENERGIES descent into madness gradually. Stay tuned for my article that explains Nicki Minaj's increasingly bizarre, violent behavior.

Be Strong and Understand the POWER of your CONTROL!

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