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Ice Cube to Make Another "Friday" with Chris Tucker, Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa to star in Movie "HighSchool"

I remember when I first saw the movie "Friday" I was out with a guy from school and we where watching a boring movie in one theater and decided to go upstairs into another theater and "Friday" was playing. We where so glad we made the switch it allowed us to have more fun together, the other movie was serious.

Of course this movie made Chris Tucker a budding star. In fact Chris Tucker made the movie period. Not to be mean to Ice Cube, he did write and produce it. But the way Chris Tucker played "Smokey" made it funny and we all love Chris Tucker's voice, it's one of a kind.

Well, Ice Cube has confirmed, they will make another Friday movie starring the original cast. Sounds weird due to their ages and the silly antics of the first movie but hopefully it won't be an embarrassment. Hopefully the characters have grown mentally a bit and maybe it will be about them observing the youth coming up now.

Supposedly Chris Tucker doesn't want to be portrayed smoking weed due to his religious state now, so that alone forces them to be more creative. I'm not the biggest Ice Cube fan, but I do respect him, he tries to be a family man, so I'm willing to give the previews a shot. R.I.P Bernie Mac

P.S. What I really want to see is Rush Hour 4. Rush Hour 3 was horrible so I was hoping they wouldn't go out like that. Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan's pairing and chemistry is too classic to end in that way.

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalif to Star in "Highschool"
Now here's a movie that I know will be just plain sad. I don't think I will ever get used to how "dumb down" Black men are willing to be when Society already thinks they are slow,dumb and only able to focus on one or two things in life. But it's the curse of this race because we allowed low standard Black people to make it into mainstream media. So now they represent us, whether we like it or not.

Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalif are doing a movie called "High School". In the movie Snoop Dogg plays a high school student who has been in high school for 15 years. Wiz Khalif plays a straight laced student who hooks up with Snoop Dogg and they change each others lives.

Sometimes I think Snoop Dogg is mentally slow. I think all the weed and the amount of weed he smokes has halted his brain and he really doesn't care about progressing, he's just "chill". His character is suppose to be smooth with the ladies, even though he should have graduated 15 years ago. In other words he will be older than some of the teachers and basically a pedophile, who of course smokes all the time. But it's suppose to be funny.

Wiz Khalif is playing a smart student who becomes friends with Snoop's character. His tattoos were covered up with makeup in order for him to portray a straight laced student. Of course Snoop's character teaches him how to "smoke" and he begins to do it all the time like him. Later in the movie he gets tattoos which makes the movie even less encouraging. It seems to indicate him going from a straight laced student to a dumbass.

I hate stupid thrown together scripts like this. Snoop claims they shot it in 30 days.  It's embarrassing and shows how we view each other. He is pretty sure Black people will support him. What does that say about this race? Black people look at me like I'm crazy like "what". I feel like I'm trapped in low standards. We seem like we're scared to try for better so we recycling the same buffoonery, while we shake our heads and wonder why people think Black people are dumb.

Hopefully the very next week producer Forrest Whitaker will come out with a movie that is worth something.

Listen to Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalif try to make their movie seem deep. They hide behind the ENERGY of being positive Brothers doing positive things. In case you buy what they're saying, look up the music they have made together so far and understand why they keep the youth slow. Always remember anyone can make something sound good in an interview.

We act like we have tons of movies in the mainstream, with all types of ENERGIES and themes and can afford this. smh

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