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Black Mafia Family: Big Meech's Interview from Jail

 When the Glamor fades away
OK Guys before you read my original article I have to correct my spirit and ENERGY. God spoke to me and he told me don't be so hard on this man. Why?? Because he's already down. Even though he tries to act cocky in the interview at some points, he's still a man locked in solitary confinement and he still has a heart and soul. He's simply someone who was raised like a lot of Black men in Society. A society where it's hard for them to feel power, so he got his sense of power from the streets and materialistic things. It doesn't mean his ENERGY of the past should not be examined, but again I just can't beat this man down like that. I will start by putting up a better picture.............

I want you to absorb the interview I include of Big Meech from Jail.

Big Meech and the "Black Mafia Family" have always amazed me. From an interview in jail one of the leaders of BMF, Big Meech who's serving 30 years, says he's considered a legend, but I wonder if there is at least one "non-ass kissing" person in his life to tell him the truth about his legend status. Is there one person that would let him know he's a "legend of stupidity" to those with the wisest minds?

Yes, I know, I know, I'm mean.

Of course the lowest standard people would agree that he's a legend. They only think about  the money he was able to make, the fly cars, parties and celebrities that was part of his life, so they would think I'm crazy, when I say he's a "legend of stupidity". They don't realize that it just shows how low their life is and how reckless they are willing to be in order to feel like something, even when it's temporary and disastrous in the end..

I would rather make $50,000 dollars a year for life than live the life he lived and go to jail for 30 or more years. But the Universe reminds me he had opportunities to feel what many Brothers he knew could never feel. In a sick way that made him feel powerful. It's like being the richest person in the Ghetto when you  could have still made more than the average person around you without going to jail.

If you took two people from a decent area and they each have money, one would not be willing to knowingly risk going to jail just to make a little more money. Why? Because they already have money and feel like somebody. That applies to a person who is not very materialistic too. They would not be willing to sacrifice their life and risk going to prison for material gains. Many times they are more spiritual and will start to wonder "who are they trying to impress".

 When you don't feel like someone in life you are willing to take more risks. You don't care or think about potential negative outcomes because you have a secret resentment for your circumstance and simply want to get out of it by any means necessary.

I do however respect Big Meech's raw honesty. His surroundings were so bleak money made his entire existence. He claims he wouldn't and couldn't do things differently if given the chance. He admits he became addicted to making money and couldn't slow down.

However, in typical fashion his BIG MOUTH just doesn't quit. I know people who work in prison and your phone calls are recorded. Despite this, being the genius that he is he explained how he will create a reason for a lighter sentence and use the court system to get released early. He explains in detail how one goes about doing this. At the same time he can't help being specific about his actions and the things he did while living his lifestyle. So, the excuses he would like to potentially use for a shorter sentence will be a definite lie.

At 43 years old he's still trying to seem "like the man" from jail. He has to make it known he was a man everybody wanted to stand next to. He has to point out the million dollar watches he had and the celebrities he knew. He also claims everybody is copying him and using his style.

All of these mental rationalities allow him to continue to feel like he is a truly respected man in Hip Hop culture and not just a character like "Scarface". In reality, just like Scarface, no one would want to trade places with him and they feel sorry for him. They claim to respect him because they are not him and they can remove themselves from his misery. Due to his brain not being able to grasp this, it allows him to feel a false sense of power.

Someone like me would drive him crazy, because I just can't respect his way. If he really woke up to the type of people he was able to get respect from, the type of people who "kiss his ass", even the type of women who would be with him, he would feel like he lost his life for nothing. He would realize that he gave his life over trying to impress "lost people". People who feel so low they can only get a "materialistic high". Those willing to take the temporary but easy way to power, then someone who creates power that can't be taken away easily.

In other words these types of people can only feel power in illusion which leads to the most deadly traps. Let's look at some of the type of people who respect him that are delusional like him:
But he will be remembered as one of the greatest hustlers of all time...when he get out of jail he gonna be rich as fuck. When he die his name will still be remembered and spoken with respect.
Sigh, he's just as delusional as Big Meech lol, lol..........No it's not funny, sorry.

But in the video Big Meech believes he was caught because he kept his Detroit address. He did not elaborate what that meant exactly, but I saw a crime show special about him and the cell phone records of his brother did play a big part, however they were watching him and his associates for a long time.

I don't think many Black men realize, there is no such thing in them "making moves" without law enforcement knowing. Law enforcement will often wait until they have enough evidence to put you away for a long, long time, especially when you have the type of influence Big Meech had. When they lock someone like Big Meech up it's like "spitting" on all the other men who thought they could get over on them. He's like catching a big fish.

When he gets out of jail it will be the same. Like I always say, I think I'm in "The Twilight Zone". I can't understand how Black men don't realize how much surveillance they are under constantly. Law enforcement will choose to let some Black men go because sometimes it will lead to bigger fish or they can make them a "snitch". Black men should never think they are not being watched. Even the cops who are dirty in the area know your every move and who's "pushing the most weight".

So when Big Meech get's out of prison, they will continue to watch him. They would love him to lead them to the money they weren't able to seize, after-all he went to jail for money-laundering. For some Black men to think differently, shows how crazy and low conscious these Brothers are. Law enforcement would never allow him to mock them.
stop hating on meech ya'll know if that nigga put ya'll on u would be riding his dick!!! Broke Bitches!!!! If they had more niggas like meech there would be more rich niggas and u wouldnt have to rob niggas!!! Hating ass niggas!!!
If there were more Brothers like Big Meech there would simply be more Brothers in jail. Again, you will not crap on a police officer or detectives territory. It's a two-way street, they know everything that is going on in their territory. They catch the "little fishes" and they are in and out of jail and become snitches. The "Big fishes" they hold back and build a case to make an example out of them. Law enforcement has pride too and you will not "play them" instead they will "play you". Most of the BMF crew is in jail and they will wait to play the game over with the next crew that tries to play them as a fool.
Nigga Meechy gonna be out in like 15 years... He will be in his mid 50's.... He wont be young, but he will still be young enough to have fun and shit.. Plus he will have millions... It was well worth it... he's done it all... drove every whip, rode on every plane, fucked every bitch, been to every country... He's done it all... Now he will be in jail gaining knowledge... He lived a good life.
I don't know the ENERGY surrounding Big Meech's case other than knowing they where watching him and his Brother for some time, putting pieces together to lock them up for a long time. The only way he will get out early is if he can buy someone off in the system that has the power to make that happen. He "copped a pleas" so that means no appeals. In the video he explained how he plans on working around that. But being the BIG MOUTH that he is he forgot, they heard that plan also, so his life is in their hands. They can choose to allow him an early release or not.

And as far as the money he has, as I pointed out, the millions of dollars he supposedly has is not secure. Not only will he be under even more scrutiny if he gets out early, putting your money in an off-shore account is not always secure. Usually the most respected do so because when you are an "average Joe" trying to get over they can take your money and you have no way of coming against that. After-all you can't take them to court. If a small time drug dealer tried to put his money in an off-shore account with no connections, it can disappear like that.

As an honest person I've looked into putting my money in an off-shore account and there are many warnings in doing so. In other words he will always be at the mercy of the system. He will more than likely have to go legitimate or have someone else take care of him.
#Respect! Meech was a good leader
He was a good leader of fools, who brought into immediate gratification and didn't constantly remind themselves that this man couldn't protect them, he was at the mercy of the Law like anyone else. And because he needed soldiers he allowed them to feel comfort in the illusion that they could be unstoppable.

This is a smart man who could have done many things in life.

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