Exposing the ENERGY of Entertainment To Release People From The Mental and Spiritual Bondage It Creates!

Will Smith Tries to Guarantee Daughters Fame

Will Smith has become very questionable over the years. He's become questionable due to the close ties he's developed with people in the industry like Tom Cruise and Jay-Z. He also seems to lean towards occultist beliefs through Scientology which is an occult like Freemasonry.

One must understand that deeper minds look past the roles someone places and focuses on their character which is revealed through their actions. This is something the average person refuses to do because it takes too much mental effort. Most average minded people like to eat what they're fed until they happen to throw up or get sick. Even then, they will sometimes find an excuse to continue to consume what is harming them. They do this because they can't imagine changing their diet, it seems too hard.

Often times I wonder about people. I wonder if they think I'm "picking" when in reality they are simply trying not to think.They don't want to absorb ENERGY, they don't want to make CONNECTIONS, they don't want to open their eyes.

Sometimes only puzzle pieces are handed to you. It's up to you to put the pieces together. You can have many puzzle pieces and claim you don't have a puzzle, but in the end you have to admit you are purposely ignoring the big picture.

Now here is another celebrity on the come-up Willow Smith who is rocking pyramid and Illuminati(occultist) symbolism. She constantly does this. Not only does she do this but she's using symbolism that has become common and blatant with mainstream celebrities.
  • The Masonic checkered floors--used during masonic rituals
  • Pyramid Symbols
  • One Eye Gestures--that symbolize sun-god Horace like on the back of dollar bills
  • Devil  Hand Gesturing
 Note that the hand over her eye does not appear to be her own.

It's said that she's being groomed to be like Rhianna and is considered the younger version of her. She's signed to Roca-Fella records under Jay-Z who proclaims himself as a "33 degree" Mason. Of course he's just allowed to do this, he's really a joke to the Elite, but due to being a usable joke they allow him to carry on. They would never allow him to come close to the authentic "bloodlines" of the Illuminati. But he's eagerness to portray this fraud is helpful to them because he can help put people and other celebrities at ease with the symbolism being implanted in music and sports.
For those ready to refute the possible connection, I got ya! your not WILLING TO THINK. In the video below ask yourself why is Willow wearing a zipper that says "RiRi"?------It gets more scary when I did a Google search to find pictures of Willow and Rihanna together THERE ARE NONE, only side-by-side comparisons.

Click More to watch video..............

How sharp and open is your mind? Did you notice as the video states. she sings the opening to Rhianna's song "Only girl (in the World)" right before performing her own song on Ellen's show?

Remember they are both signed to Roc- Nation Records so quite naturally Willow would have access to her favorite star if she wanted to. Right? After-all she is wearing her name and radiating her ENERGY through song. Wouldn't they meet at a party or function? Again there are NO PICTURES of Willow and Rihanna together. The most logical occultist explanation for this is that Rihanna represents being completely transformed and Willow represents her former self, so they are kept apart. (I will be researching that explanation further).

Here's the thing I must ask people, when do we start questioning the messages and symbolism that is clearly being pushed into the minds of society especially the youth?. Do we simply act in the predictable way that the Elite think of us? Which is as sheep and people who are easily controlled? Or do we demonstrate just how much power we have through NO SUPPORT until we have answers to what we are uncomfortable with supporting?

It's only logical that celebrities take on the ENERGY of their handlers due to being controlled by them. Many celebrities have the perception that they are better than the average human being and can't be bound by the moral standards of the everyday average person. The only time they create the illusion of caring is when they feel people are waking up slightly and resisting them in some way. Then they appeal to the public to get their sheep back in line. Any other time, just like a herd of sheep being guided, we're walked in the direction that we're guided in.

Nicki Minaj and Willow Smith

Next we have the fact that Willow Smith has collaborated with Nicki Minaj another puppet used to feed Dark and hyper-sexual ENERGIES to society. The fact that Will Smith has no problem with this is appalling. I already expressed my dismay to the fact that many people dismissed the ENERGY of the two 8-year old girls singing Nicki Minaj's "Super Bass" and thought it was cute.

It's shows that the dark forces of the industry are becoming increasingly successful in desensitizing the public and youth to sex, occultism, and criminal behavior. That is the main goal of "The Council of 13" the secret society group who is regulated to inserting occultist symbolism and subliminal messages into entertainment to penetrate the subconscious mind of viewers. 

In order to begin grasping the information that I share with you, I don't want to make this article very long. I want you to be able to absorb what I'm saying in parts and do research into the points I bring up.

I will close this article with three more videos:

Here's a video of Nicki Minaj continuing to portray the ENERGY of her possession and mind-control state. Notice how DARK videos are becoming and how many artist are portraying themselves as being robotic and possessed. Keep in mind that's the condition that they want society in so that we can be easily controlled in the upcoming New World Order.

Here are two more videos that reflect the Masonic (occultist ENERGY that has control in the industry). Some of these scenes are from the pas. Through the years the occultism has gotten stronger and more Blatant over the years. 

Look at these and Concentrate:

 Pyramids, Checkered Floors

I will be doing another article about Nicki Minaj and her increasingly radical behavior, which is common with those possessed and programmed by mind control.

As I've said the ENERGY is becoming stronger and stronger and more BLATANT.

Demonic, occultism is now being heavily pushed to influence the minds of the youth. They know that eventually there will be no resistance because Generation Z and part of Y will grow up in a world where these ENERGIES are considered normal. This gives power to the occult, Satanism and dark ENERGY. In turn the minds of the youth will develop in a demented way that will wreck havoc on their communities and society. The ultimate goal of these people is to create confusion and destruction.

The more confusion and destruction, the more people become consumed by it. When consumed by it they will be more willing to accept control just for order. They will be willing to accept the "chips" they plan on implanting in people and become like robots. It also serves as a purpose to give worship to Satan and makes the world more habitable for Dark ENERGIES and Materialism. It sucks the spirituality out of the world and allows the mind to become programmed with more ease. And be willing to be implanted with a "chip" that will control our lives.

The Plan to Make People Desensitized to The Occult and Satanism

Understand the Cross is Upside Down!

It's getting STRONGER FOLKS.

Above is "Tyler the Creator", of the group "Odd Future", I will be addressing Tyler and his crew in another article. And surprisingly there's a story of hope and inspiration from a former group member.

Stay Strong and exercise your rights and protect the spiritual health of your environments through NO SUPPORT!

I know, I know your saying "Implanted Chip" what implanted chip----------- I had to bring up the "Implant Chip". I was going to bring that up in another article but since I brought it up here, look at this short video that gives a little insight to what I'm talking about. I will discuss it further later.

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