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What Does Obama Mean By Reptilian Brain?

I'm going to take a deep breath because I'm about to attempt something that is far beyond the capacity of thinking for most people, something that may seem bizarre. Many people don't realize how much their brain's enslaved and programmed. They don't realize there is so much more to the Universe.

They don't realize the complexities of the human mind, and the complex history of the Universe. Let me focus on that for a moment.

Many of us were taught to believe, first there were dinosaurs then came humans.We have been trained to think in that way because the more conscious we become of other existences in the Universe the more we will know and discover about ourselves. In doing this it would release us from our mentally imprisoned state.

I just want this video to simmer in your mind a bit. I've already did research into what Obama is alluding to in the video, but I want to slowly bring people into their own consciousness about his remarks. I feel that doing so makes it easier for people to grasp the things that I say, the things that I say based on research.

So in this video Obama speaks about the "Reptilian Brain", how many of you find the urge to know more about what he could mean by that? How many of you have a feeling through ENERGY that he's not just using an adjective or coming up with such a term out of thin air?

Think about those things and I will be back to give you some information on what he meant by this. I posted this thread here because Obama is a major figure in the spotlight, but I will be addressing this article on my other site, Black Energy News. I will be doing so, because it's scientific in nature. It will explain the ENERGY of the world as it currently is and why it's become the way it has and how we can help change it.

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