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Soulja Boy Refuses to Progress Mentally

Soulja Boy is the perfect "puppet" and says the things that help keep the money flowing to the big music corporations through "Dumb-Down" rappers. At the same time his ENERGY keeps the conscious level of young Black men low. It's big business allowing rappers to be simple, it's dangerous when they have more consciousness.

Soulja Boy say's he's not into computers he's into making money

Why did he say this? He said this because his brain's allowed to function slow amongst us. He doesn't understand computers not only propelled his career but its beyond a means to an end, they're beneficial in everyday life and represents the future and the presence.

Soulja Boy's mind and reactions to things does not have to progress in this race, we accept each other on infantile levels even when a person reaches adulthood. You could write a book on the dumb responses he's had throughout his career so far.

Our mainstream culture is so dumb down that those within it don't have to think before speaking? And often times we accept it and allow the person to go on. We don't check each other and then we wonder why the youth just say things and react to things without thinking. Why do they have to think when they aren't forced to think.

In this video Soulja Boy shows that his brain is wired to portray the ENERGY that seems to be the most accepted in this race. He does this to the extinct where it doesn't matter how dumb his statements sound he's wired to what drives men in this culture.........Money. As long as he appears to make and have money he is a man. How he makes it, the lack of intelligence and spontaneous thought he seems to have does not matter.

Here's the thing, I know Soulja Boy is not truly dumb, in fact he's quite intelligent in the presence of those who he feels he has to "come up' to. But he will always meet this culture at it's ENERGY level as long as we allow that to be profitable.

I recently had, not a revelation, but an "ah ha" moment. I always try to think of different ways to explain how robotic this race is in our actions. For example it's not often you see many variances between young Black men who are amongst themselves. They talk, think and dress the same. That applies to this entire race to an extinct. In fact when someone amongst us develops a different point of view we don't think they should have as a Black person, we ostracized them. We make them feel alien, as if something is wrong with them. We don't understand the power and benefit of adversity when it comes to critical thinking. Adversary contributes to expansion, oneness creates robots.

Well anyway, I was watching a documentary where the speaker Jesse Lee Peterson explained the explanation for this, he pointed out that we are naturally "Tribal" people. Just like many Africans we expect those amongst us to follow, agree and resemble us closely. It's one of the "pitfalls" of this race in this type of society. It's one of the reasons we don't grow and it explains the primitiveness of many African people in societies where things are changing around them. We don't understand the benefit of complex thought and expansion. We simply have a way of doing things, a way of being and thinking and feel love and respect stems from others like us adhering to that.

Ways We Can Come Against this ENERGY.......

In order to propel this race Soulja Boy's ENERGY and those like him, should be limited in our culture and communities. There's a time when you must take a stand. Realize the power and strength of yourself through NO SUPPORT. The Universe will continue to saturate this race with the ENERGIES it seems to support. The time is now to stop young Black men from feeling power in their stupidity. How strong can you be?

Do not watch shows that feature Soulja Boy
Do not support his music or DVD's---watching clips of him on the Internet is fine if it's not his personal site
And for parents who are truly strong do not allow his ENERGY in your home.

This will benefit both Soulja Boy and this race. He would grow mentally and progress in order to meet the growing expectations of this race.

Jesse Peterson's Speech

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