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Should 50 Cent's "Playground" Book Be Read in The Bookstore?

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Sigh! I remember the hours and hours I use to spend in the bookstore reading books when I was growing up in the city. Only the best books made it home with me and that's when I had money.

When it comes to 50 Cents book on bullying "Playground", I'm battling with some emotions about it due to him being the author. I have a high consciousness so I don't just become distracted by what's put in front of me at the moment, I always feel the other ENERGIES that constantly linger around a person.

So, I'm a little confused and hesitant in supporting it. On one hand I know that The Universe wants me to honor the good my fellow-man does, but at the same time does it help them grow?

Let me just come out and say what I mean.

Sometimes I almost get tears in my eyes when I think of how rappers today are the BIGGEST BULLIES that walk the earth. Not only are they the biggest bullies but they are heartless.

What do I mean by that?

Well rappers bully and put pressure on young men to make money and this pressure is usually felt most by those men who live in the poorest neighborhoods. Those who have the least options available. Those who would have to take to a life of crime in order to make the amount of money that these rappers claim would make them 'more of a man'.

They are constantly bombarded with the notion that "They ain't sh*t without money", "Real Nigg*as have money", and "Real Nigg*as with money deserve the best things in life".

I think it's the worst form of Bullying there is. Most young people who are bullied grow up and realize that they were bullied due to the immaturity of the person who bullied them. But a man never grows out of wanting and desiring money, that follows him through life. He grows up in a world that ignores the poor but focuses on those with money.

It's so sad that many of these rappers have become "Porch Monkey's" who will sell out the race and attack the minds of young Black men and women by making them feel "less than". They know that these men and women will support them without knowing what they are buying into and how the 'Make Money' mentality breeds violence that destroys their communities..

Rappers do this to get rich and feel powerful themselves. They use the youth and don't care about their outcome. A lot of these Black youths already feel powerless because they don't dictate where they're born and where they grow up. Worst yet, is the fact that their environments don't offer many ways for them to feel 'like somebody', so again, they often take to crime to make money so they can

In any case, I will still congratulate 50 Cent for at least trying. I'm sure he's not exposed to people like me in his circle, those who would point out how destructive his ENERGY is to youths. I'm sure even if he was, he would distance himself from me, after-all he's also brainwashed and makes his millions to feel like a man too.

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