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Sean Kingston the Next Ruben Studdard?

 What male celebrity has taken Maliah on the red carpet in the past?

Everybody has their own way at looking at things, when I look at things I not only look at it, but through it too. Actually I look at it, through it and up and down.

Here we have another weak Brother who caught a stale, rotting fish dipped in a vinegar bath and put on display.

What do I mean by that?

Well she's someone who looks good on the outside but has a mind that's tainted on the inside. She's like the rotting fish a Korean in a ghetto Black neighborhood refuses to throw away because "it's money going to waste". They don't want to throw it away so they disguise the bad smell with vinegar or another substance so they can put it out on display to sell.

Of course that's what Sean Kingston is trying to do and will be force to do as long as he's with her.

Unfortunately for him some people have a keen sense of smell and they are too wise to fall for the trap. They smell the rotting fish, while those like him try to ignore it because they want to buy fish at a cheap price so bad they say "it's OK, this is the normal smell of fish". They can't afford to go to "Whole Foods".

Maliah is another Amber Rose trying to come up. I picture these types of women falling in a deep pit with men lined up on both sides and they try to reach out and grasp on to anyone they can reach that will help them stop their fall.

Now I can simply mind my business, not say anything and fall for the charade, but why? They're in the spotlight.............

There's so much that can be absorbed from those who represent the actions of people in everyday life who are in front of the public. I can write articles about Tanisha down the block or Jamal next door, but you don't know them you can't feel their ENERGY you couldn't learn from them.

You shouldn't let people feed you anything and change the ENERGY this culture without saying anything. Actions lead to mentality changes so it's good to point out destructive ENERGIES. I'm sure that's evident by seeing more and more hookers make their way into our mainstream culture.
This is a woman who has been ran-through by many men in the industry. The thing is they let her keep falling deeper in the pit, they did not stop her from her fall and descent into hell. It's usually the chump near the bottom of the pit who knows what it's like to be near the bottom who breaks her fall.

The man has to be a big enough chump so he can convince himself that despite the other brothers letting her fall it's still a "good look" because she's coming from the top and falling and he's trying to make it to the top. At least she's been where he hasn't and therefore she has the illusion of being special.

After-all she's been tied to Jamie Fox for a month and Drake for a month, and he could never be them. Guys like Sean Kingston have a low enough self-esteem and have the attitude " Ah ha I got her now and I'm going to make her what you couldn't that will show I'm a real man, I will tame that ass"


Ruben Studdard  made the same mistake:

Ruben Studdards wife appeared in "Tip Drill" video before he met and married her

Divorced after two years of marriage

By the way I like Ruben Studdard but his low self-esteem caused him to fall into the same trap Sean Kingston is falling into.

Anytime a woman is willing to do this just to make money:

She's willing to do anything, like drop your ass when something better comes along that has more money or fame. Brothers who are hip to the game know this and judging by the tweet try to warn him.

I dread having a son who grows up being simple-minded, someone who can't spot a hustler a mile away. A son with such a low self-esteem that he will take the "put together" package that has stale contents inside. Like a box of cereal that's 10 years old and looks fine on the outside but the contents are stale inside. Despite this he eats it because he's hungry.

I think many Black women do a horrible job in raising sons who have characters that make them want more in life. Many raise sons who will pick through the garbage can and try to find the piece of garbage that has the least visible stains. Even if the trash has been their for months.

Now I know, I know I have a vicious tongue, but always be clear that I would not say anything if they weren't in the spotlight raining their ENERGY down on everyone. Particularly young Brothers coming up who are starting to think they can make a hoe and low standard women into something special.

I do not go around the neighborhood looking for people who seem low standard to attack, I could care less that's their personal life and it's between them and God. I wouldn't even care if it's my neighbor. But when these things become revealed as if it's occurring on a mountaintop for all to see, it must be addressed.

"Oh you think different, well understand that's why this culture is the way it is now and in turn the mentalities of everyday people are changing"

Always understand the things I say seem "bitchy" but they're true and speak of the Universe's ENERGY. Your way of thinking and your passiveness allows negative ENERGIES to grow and bring disaster. In the past a Black man would never acknowledge a hoe or walk with her on his arm. She would have to use the back entrance of his house or meet him at a Motel. She would not be on the "red carpet".

So don't complain when the men around you become desensitized to hookers, strippers and whores in your face. Don't complain when they don't value you more or give you extra points for having a better character and higher standards because these women have become acceptable. The Universe gives you more of what you accept. That is a metaphysical fact.

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