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Olivia Confirms What "The Universe" told Me

"The Universe" told me that most visible and Mainstream celebrities of this era will have low character and be willing to do anything for money. The industry ignores those who aren't willing to do this. And the people who are the strongest will feel POWER and SPIRITUAL CALMNESS despite struggling and being ignored. They will feel power because they will be wise to what is happening. Only "Secular" artist will rise in the coming days...............

I usually post the video I'm referring to first, but in this post I want to say a few words before I show it.
Now many are saying "Here we go once again she sounds spacey". If you are, it's unfortunate.

It's unfortunate because it proves how resistant people are to the truth. See the truth is often resisted when it's not only painful, like in many life situations, but when it's annoying and uncomfortable. Rarely do people want to see past what's presented in front of them. They fail to understand the power of doing so. Doing so makes them scared and uncomfortable. It makes them feel like they can't trust anything and that they are a fool for doing so.

There are only a select few of "The Universe's" children who embrace seeing past whats presented to them and feel gratitude having their eyes and consciousness wide-open. Anyone can have these abilities but they are hidden deep within the minds of most and only those like me find strength in revealing them.

So, blah, blah is what some are saying and I can understand that. I go to certain information sites and read for hours, but most of our minds have been programmed in this era to have a short attentions span, even when the last few sentences of something could wake you up.

So I will get to the point.

In the video clip I'm about to show, I want you to listen to Olivia's words carefully.  For those who don't know, which I'm afraid might be a few; Olivia stars on "Love and Hip Hop". I've never watched the show but my mind is so acute I don't have to in order to come against its ENERGY. Again it's another skill "The Universe" can grant to you if you want it because it's deep within your mind.

Anyway, in this video clip Olivia speaks about the coming season of the show. She first points out the drama of the show, then she states it will set the bar for all other shows. She then goes on to talk about her singing career, and the recent pictures that have surfaced of her and Maino. Pictures that she claims are old.

Click for Video
Here's the Things I Want you to Notice:
Olivia points out the show is drama filled and much of the drama comes out of nowhere.

Now I want people to ask themselves why is this so, what is it about your character and the character of those watching that they would purposely do this.
  • I also want you to think about how much drama you're exposed to and how much drama you see happening around you in everyday life, drama that seems to come out of nowhere
  • How many people are just reacting to situations without thinking?
  • How many people do you observe just creating drama consciously or subconsciously just to act out and handle these situations in the similar fashion they do on shows like this?
After speaking about the level of drama on the show, Olivia points out that "Love and Hip Hop" will set the bar for other shows.

  • Do you think that she means the bar will be set lower or higher?
  • Do you think other shows will try to top the drama that is in these shows?
  • Do you think those who watch the show will become desensitized to fighting, drama and handling situations like they re handled on the show?
I also want you to take a look at her facial expressions after she states that her show will set the bar for other shows. 
  • Does she have the look of pride in that being a fact?
  • Does she have the look of being happy that will be the case
  • Or does she have the look of feeling deep down it's sad but that's just how it is and she's apart of it to make money?
One ENERGY I've always felt from Olivia is the fact that she tries to have pride in her singing career.
She's always been protective and secretive of what she truly goes through as a singer. She harbors resentment that she can't get recognition like other singers in the industry. And because she's been brainwashed like so many others that the best "shine" and are visible, she has always "sugar-coated" her status and position in the industry.

In the clip she speaks about being signed right away. She does this to add value to herself, though she feels valueless among her peers. She's never been successful with anyone she's signed with. On the bright side I think it's wise for her to put out her own music independently as she states she is trying to do. That would be admirable however only if it's the truth

She then speaks about the recent pictures of her and Maino that where mysteriously leaked right before the next season of the show starts. She claims they where old pictures. What a coincidence that these old pictures did not leak any other time but at the right moment to give her more interest and exposure as the new season begins.

Last but not least, notice how she's hesitant to reveal her boyfriend on a show based on REALITY. She knows doing so would expose her boyfriend to the drama she signed up for. A drama that she's accepted in order to feel worthy amongst the peers in her circle.

Most fans don't realize that celebrities don't really care about them unless they are at a risk of losing them. Fans add to the sense of power she's able to feel within her circle. It's a sad reality everyday people must realize.

*Secular Definition--Anything goes, has no boundaries. Denoting attitudes, activities, or other things that have no religious or spiritual basis. Believes that our earthly life is all that matters. Materialistic, Sacred and profane music

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