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NeNe Leakes Wants You to Know She's Rich? but Her Son Shoplifts!

This is an ugly woman
I rarely call someone ugly, it's frivolous to me. You can call someone ugly and they can walk down the block and someone tells them they're attractive. It's subjective and doesn't cut deep enough for me. I only insult righteously by speaking the truth. A truth even their best friend would agree with though they wouldn't admit it. It's one of the reasons people are hesitant when arguing with me. I've said things to cause people to quit their job, due to my words being a "dagger of raw truth".

Now if you want to say NeNe is famous, I guess that's your choice. The definition of fame has changed over the years and we live in a Society that does not realize we create the definition of fame. In fact we create and control all the ENERGIES around us. There isn't a "so-called" celebrity alive that could feel like a celebrity without people allowing them to feel like one.

It's a secret the highly conscious minded knows, it's also a secret people resist absorbing and using. They don't realize they are resisting it because they need someone to look up to, be in awe of or even laugh at. It's sad and explains why our culture has gone down the toilet in Society. Celebrities do what we allow them to do and what we accept from them. They would disappear and melt away like the "Wicked Witch of the West" if they weren't accepted in some form by the people.

For example the show "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" would be off the air by now, if Black women demanded more and didn't support it. It could not exist without support. If it wasn't supported they would have to present something that would be supported to make a profit.

It's one of the reasons I tell people, don't look up at God when you realize you have gone too far and allowed negative ENERGIES to consume the culture. Don't blame him when people's perceptions of you change due to what you're observed supporting.

Most things happen on a subconscious level, so people subconsciously watch what you support and stand by. I feel like Bill Murphy in the movie "Ground Hog Day" when I speak about this, because I say it over and over again and it fails to penetrate most. It fails to penetrate most because people like the ability to act instantaneously without thought, they like instant gratification. Sacrifice is not a word that people like or take well to.

At the same time humans ask for so much out of life, but fail to realize, The Universe can give you nothing. You will only get more of what you support, it's a law of nature that cannot be changed.

Now I call NeNe ugly for the obvious reasons............

Not only is she ugly, her attitude and mentalities are ugly too. I'm sure that explains why her son is turning out ugly also. He has no reason to aim for a moral standard, his mother has none. I'm not sure how rich NeNe is, but I would hope she could afford $14 dollars for a pack of razors, something her son Bryson was caught stealing at Walmart of all places. Last time I checked Walmart has the best and lowest prices. Most people like Walmart, but it's "heaven" to many poor people. So for a person who has a mother who is rich, shopping there for a pack of razors should be like purchasing a pack of bubble gum.
Of course I understand the truth, I understand his compulsion to act out. Deep down inside I'm sure it's hell having a mother like NeNe act out before the world and behave like one of the lowest standard Black women on T.V. However, in NeNe's small pea brain she's paid enough money so that she can ignore the fact that she's really a joke to most people. She can use the money she has to feel as if she's loved and accepted.

People acknowledge she's a joke unfortunately, that's not enough to effect her. People still watch "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" to see her be a joke so she gets paid for it. Take into account what I've stated, that this is a materialistic world that has come to define success by how much money a person has, and you have the vicious cycle NeNe is in:
 She's a paid clown who can ignore this in a Society that says "if you have money you are successful". She's Mrs. Flavor Flav, and the scarier Ms. New York.

Isn't it funny that I don't have to watch the show and I could write a book about NeNe's ENERGY?

In any case, I will get to theme of this thread.

In a Society that's already drenched in the ENERGY of being materialistic by any means, NeNe has decided to contribute to that ENERGY more. She's decided to say screw you, your daughters, your sons and even more herself, by playing up an ENERGY that is destructive but successful and accepted in this era.
She wants you to know your criticisms and her character does not matter WHY?


Sometimes I feel like I'm in a "Twilight Zone", I ask The Universe can this be happening, is this real? How can I live in a World where the motto's have become.

You're a drug dealer------------"Who cares I'm rich"
You're a stripper-------------------"Who cares I'm making money"
You were a whore and still act like one-------------"Who cares I have money"
You send poison to the youth----------------------"That's not my problem, I'm just trying to make money"

Or in NeNe's case:
You're a loud mouth, overbearing, obnoxious, egotistical, spiritually empty example of a Black woman for the world to see........................."Who cares, I'm Very Rich Bitch"
See, we will ALL pay for accepting these ENERGIES and allowing them to hover over us and influence the mentalities of those around us. If there is only one thing people understand in my writings, I want that fact to stand out.

God does not care if you are different. We are all linked together in this World and we cannot reward the bad ENERGY of others who create ENERGIES that hover over us without paying a price for it. It's like a mist, fog or rain dropping from the atmosphere, it will touch you and those around.

No one's perfect, especially in entertainment, but when we allow all morality to go out the door, we will live in a Society without morals........................PERIOD.

Think about the things I say................Wait, first think of how you think things should be. Now are things the way you think they should be? Or are things apparently how I say?

Does it seem that what you think is closer to what God is demonstrating to us, or is what I'm saying closer to what God is demonstrating to us?

I know I'm annoying, again, we've become a Society where we don't want boundaries we want to do and support what we want. But in an ironic twist we do want boundaries, we want to be treated and look upon in a certain way, but support the opposite. It's maddening and ridiculous and it's not in alignment with how this Universe is designed. It's metaphysically impossible for this to occur.

I don't need to go on, one thing about having a higher consciousness is knowing when people understand  what you're saying is true, they're just spiritually weak. They don't know how to give things up and let things go even when it would free them and allow them to breath better. They have a hard time detaching themselves from ENERGIES that are entertaining, but have less spirituality.

I wonder how many women would wear this shirt. Some women have asked NeNe to simply take out the word Bi*tch.

Ask yourself why.

Did I not say we have become a Society where we judge and give value to someone based on how much money they have despite how they got it? Wouldn't that be the only explanation for someone wanting a shirt like this?


Well take me for example, a person who is more spiritual. A person who doesn't care how much money a person has but is more concerned with how they got it. I wouldn't care if NeNe had a trillion dollars, I still wouldn't respect her. I wouldn't care if she could pull gold out her ass, I still wouldn't respect her.

So if most people in the world were like me, would a person feel power in wearing this shirt? No they wouldn't.

Then on top of that, my high consciousness allows me to see that money doesn't make NeNe spiritually happy, money only allows her to feed an illusion of power and worthiness to the world. This is why, like a criminal minded rapper who's subconsciously ashamed of his ways, she has to go overboard to tell you she has money. It's the only way she can feel a small ounce of self-worth.

I would gorge my eyes out and eat them before I supported this woman. It's another resentment I have towards Black women, they just can't help themselves and just have to, have to watch these reality shows. Shows that take us further and further away from spirituality.

At the same time they want men and people in their life to treat them with a deep sense of love and respect. How bizarre is that? Again The Universe would not allow this to happen. So Black women will go on being perceived as opportunist, gold diggers who will support any "Porch Monkey" worthless Black woman who comes to the spotlight.

And yes, I said worthless. Worthless is an ENERGY and that is the ENERGY of NeNe, she can change anytime she wants to, however I will not lie.

Listen to this short podcast that explains the spiritual descent of humans in general

Now watch the video below, many of the comments overlooked the ENERGY of the video and simply gave praise to the shoes the girls have on. I wouldn't care if these girls had on diamond shoes like Dorothy in the "Wizard of Oz" their negative ENERGY overshadows anything that could be considered admirable. In fact I didn't even notice their shoes. The only ENERGIES that stood out to me was the fighting and their outfits which place emphasize on their asses. Of course they make sure to have this look due to them being told through this culture that's what makes them most desirable.

I also understand you do not praise anything in the mist of bad ENERGY it becomes confusing and to those who are spiritually void the compliment becomes a sense of empowerment. Their low-self esteem subconsciously latches on to any praise despite other negative ENERGIES they are displaying.
I challenge Black women to stop watching these shows and demand more. I know I'm stronger than most, but I constantly try to lead people to the joy and power of NO SUPPORT. It allows you to see negative ENERGIES disappear right before your eyes and demonstrates your POWER and CONTROL within your environment.

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