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Lil Wayne Worshipper Arrested, Second Suspect Sought

I'm putting this article on this site opposed to my Black Energy News site due to the ENERGY connection of these two pictures.

I'm sure many heard about the following incident which happened last month. Together with the new developments of the case, I couldn't simply let it go. I absorb the ENERGY of things so I bring to you news on a more spiritual level, a level governed by The Universe. A level that explains why things happen differently then expected when humans try to defy the laws of nature physically and materialistically.

Rasaan Zawadi, 21, and his recently identified friend Donnell Wade, 19, wanted to stand-out. They wanted to do a video that made the lost souls of this generation laugh. A video that made it seem like they where "Niggas" who will take it to any level and aren't scared to do so.

After-all, that's one of the strongest, ENERGIES of this generation " I don't give a fu*ck about anything".

So Rasaan and his demented friend Donnell decided to videotape assaulting a disable woman by punching her in the face and then post it on World Star Hip Hop. A site that makes any criminal a star through its views. Just like MTO it's all about the views. The views determine if something is relevant or not. And relevant in this era means finding websites that seem to reward your manipulative, exploitative, crazy behavior.

Of course this is fine with most websites because their idea of success is getting page views by conveying news in the typical fashion where the persons not challenged to think. Most are drama filled, spectacles who feeds "gossip news" in a way people find entertainment, but no insight. Both ways do not allow the consciousness to grow. It's one reason why I'm OK with having less views. I'm not a robotic newscaster who just informs you of the news. Nor am I a website that is into fact stretching and spreading lies for celebrities to help their image by gaining attention.

On this site I expose the ENERGY, lies and manipulations of celebrities. I challenge people to expand their consciousness and thinking skills to better their lives, environments and culture.

When you do expand your consciousness, you will find your mind and eyes see-through many things. And you will find that your mind instantly see's the connection of things and you'll become like Neo in the Matrix. You begin to see that what's being fed to you in this culture is calculating and damaging to the brain.

The less views you have often means you're resisted because you break through the numbing, comfort zone people have been brainwashed to stay in and speak a truth that makes people uneasy. A truth that makes you seem annoying. You can add that together with the fact that I don't heavily advertise my site. I think people should come find the truth or stumble onto it, particularly because I speak with a consciousness given to me by God, The Universe, so it takes an open mind to understand what I'm saying. Most realize my websites through comments I make on other sites.

So why did I post these two pictures side-by-side?
I posted this picture because not one site I've gone to had the super-conscious ability to instantly see the connection of Rasaan's tattoo with Lil Wayne's. Of course, my mind is like a file cabinet, I forget nothing. I absorb facts, pictures and ENERGY more than the average person, and I do not forget them. Unlike some others I don't have the mentality of "the past is the past". I understand that ENERGIES build, grow and mutate. I understand that all things connect in this world at the end of the day. Nothing happens, occurs or exist for no reason and without an attachment. I want people to see the value in striving to have this ability.

I think how I posted the pictures at the beginning of this thread forced you to become conscious and you now know the connection between Lil Wayne and Rasaan. Your mind can become more attuned in everyday life too if you allow it.

Wait, I'm not so confident in those who have numb minds though. Some might have said, "oh she put those pictures together because they both got arrested and they have mugshots".

Wrong, I want you to absorb the strong ENERGY celebrities like Lil Wayne have over the community and how many in this generation have become possessed by him.
OK now you see it!

Of course, Raasan doesn't have the money that Lil Wayne has so it looks like he drew his tattoo on with a marker lol, but it's obvious he desperately tried to recreate what Lil Wayne did. I will also point out that he didn't completely absorb the fact that Lil Wayne's tattoo has an upside down cross, only the most keen eyes can see this. Just like Birdman has the 6-pointed star on his head (a Satanic symbol); both he and Lil Wayne have chosen to go on the Darkside. ( I will do an article explaining the real reason for this later).
Rasaan Zawadi's has been arrested but cops have not been able to apprehend his friend second suspect Donnell Wade. In order to do so they have released this photo of him from a previous arrest.
I know this race is wild, crazy and likes to do what it wants this is why the Devil has a ball within this small race and community. He can create great destruction with ease due to our celebrated negative mentalities.

However it's important to pay attention to ENERGY. We have successfully been brainwashed to think that doing so equals lame, corny and boring. In turn The Universe will rain down an unbelievable suffering on this race. Suffering like no other. Particularly because where not strong to begin with. Focus and balance is the only thing that will improve this race.

DO NOT SUPPORT THESE ENERGIES, in any way that allows them to grow. That means through monetary support or watching award shows that honor this type of ENERGY............I do this, how strong are you? How much do you care?

The ENERGY of rappers have increasingly gotten worst over the years. They don't seem to stand for anything but making money any means necessary and teaching the generation "not to give a fu*ck".

Stay tuned for my article that explains how the theme of this generation is demonic and dark. Groups like Odd Future are leading the pack in this era.

Here's the video of this incident:

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