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Dwyane Wade Paints His Toenails......Really?

Always be sure of what you seem to stand by and the possible confusion you can cause!
Dwyane Wade's sons: Dad can we paint our toenails?
Zaire: I want orange, neon orange
Zion: I want green, like money green
Dwyane Wade: No, I don't think so
Sons: Why you said you painted yours, we got some cool sandals it will look good with and it'll match our "funny bracelets". We'll show Tiffany who has the baddest toenails.
Dwyane Wade's mind: God what have I done, I thought all I had to do was just say I did it and it would be over and they would know I'm "down" and they'd continue to let me make my money. I mean damn it's the "lock out" I was desperate.                         Dark ENERGY: Ha Ha, I love confusion and chaos
You will find there will be moments when The Universe is trying to wake people up. During those moments those with a negative agenda will slip up. People who side with Dark ENERGIES and want to create a confusing world will reveal themselves usually by using others to do so.

I think it's safe to say that this is one of those moments. I like Dwyane Wade always have, it seems he tries harder than many other athletes to keep a good image for his sons and stay out of trouble. Of course the way he treated and demonized his wife by telling the world "she's crazy" didn't benefit his sons, but I like to stay out of people's marriages unless they put it out there in the spotlight.

But this is too much for me to bear. He needs to always remember young boys look up to him.

Dwyane Wade did an Interview with GQ magazine in the November issue and stated:
“Three years ago I was like, ‘Man, I kind of want to paint my toenails black.’
He was just sitting around one day or strolling the beach in Miami and saw a chick with pretty Black toes and said "I can rock that" and make it "manly"??

 He claims:
‘At first I thought, ‘Nah, I can’t do that. They’re going to kill me’ 
He then went on vacation with Lebron James to the Bahamas and when Lebron James saw his toenails he said:
‘Something is seriously wrong with you
Eventually Lebron James came around and said:
‘You know what? You’re crazy, but that’s just you.’ When I first got into the league, I tried to fit in. Now I don’t care.”
"Ahh Ohh" there goes that Dark ENERGY theory again "Do what you want, be wild, be crazy be free, even if you can't explain why you're doing the things you do", " let the world be a circus, after-all isn't the circus fun?, who cares about order and understanding, do you, try red fingernails next, red is one of my favorite colors"

OK here's the point where I sound like the crazy, radical lady in the movie "The Mist." However I must do this, I must shake up the sense of comfort people have found in the media and reveal to them the truth that is going on behind the scenes. I'm sure many have noticed the masculinity of Black men's been attacked and blurry over the last several years creating great confusion in the Black community.

In fact many Black men are portraying themselves with many feminine characteristics when it comes to dress than ever before. Unfortunately it's created a sense of distrust between Black men and woman. This is the plan of secret societies. Many celebrities are used as pawns to give power to these societies. The more power they have the more power the demonized ENERGY they worship has.

What does that mean? It means that to give power to their agenda and those they worship they must have a host of people spreading the ENERGIES that strengthen their agenda and those Dark ENERGIES (the Devil).

I want to tip-toe around this and lead people slowly into the truth, because the truth behind the many things occurring in society is inconceivable, incomprehensible to the average human mind.

So let's just say the agenda and goal within Society is to cause great confusion. I start with this because I know that even if you cannot believe the words and warnings of others you can feel that this is true. You can feel the confusion within society. And depending on your age you can see how this sense of confusion has progressed over the years.

Dark ENERGY loves confusion, secret societies use the state of confusion within people to keep them distracted. While people become distracted they have another agenda they are focused on. Plus the more confusing a society becomes the more they accept and become desensitized to confusion.

Many celebrities are used as willing pawns to create confusion in Society. Does that sound weird to some? If it does, just think about the fact that most "average minds" look up to and idolize celebrities. Its second nature for people to look at what celebrities are doing, wearing and how they act for direction.

It's a truth that most people would like to resist on a conscious level, but it's also a truth I'm sure most people can admit. To allow people a sense of control of themselves, I will lighten what I've just said and add that many times this brainwashing happens on a subconscious level.

We tend to gravitate to the images and materialistic things celebrities portray. If a celebrity is wearing a "Mohawk" so will others, if a celebrity promotes a certain type of clothing, others will go buy it. If a celebrity speaks in a certain way so will others. Many celebrities have made tattoos a fashion and others have followed. The list goes on............

These secret societies that harness Dark ENERGY in order to receive manipulative powers understand others will follow so they use celebrities to guide those in Society. These societies control the media and most aspects of our lives even when we don't realize it, or don't want to think about it. Celebrities either choose to comply or they are viewed as not useful. They are then discarded and not supported financially.

They are pushing an "anything goes" agenda on the youth today. They are trying to convey the message that there's no boundaries.  Listen to this short clip from Professor Griff:

One commenter seems to have gotten it. Here's her response to another commenter:
ATTENTION meaning backing and support by those who run the media. He's playing into their agenda. I will speak more about this later. At the end of the day these incidents have to be like puzzle pieces you file away in your mind so that you can see patterns and the whole picture.

In the meantime I say Shame on Dwyane Wade, sometimes in life you have to stand for something even when it's hard to do so.

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