Exposing the ENERGY of Entertainment To Release People From The Mental and Spiritual Bondage It Creates!

Do People Know God's ENERGY?........For Those like Joi

I would like to thank everyone that emails me. I enjoy correspondence and sometimes people like a further explanation of the things I write off record. Most of these emails show appreciation to this site and I thank you for that.

Occasionally I will get an email from someone who opposes something that I've said and misunderstands my intentions. For those emails I feel the need to address them publicly because there might be others who have the same thoughts.

I recently got an email from a woman named Joi, who came against the way I describe Amber Rose. She claims that WORTHLESS is too harsh of a term in describing her, especially since I speak about God.

Now many might say 'well that's true', so let me explain why I use that adjective and the ENERGY behind it.

I want everyone to first take a deep breath and inhale the state of our culture now.

After doing so I want you to force yourself to comprehend why I say the things I do and with the force I say them in. This is something I've asked God about and though I may not have the exact tongue of God he understands what I'm doing.


Well many people learn about God in lopsided, convenient ways. It's easy, pleasurable and comforting to simply think of God as an entity that loves you and everyone. Of course I'm not disputing this fact but people must understand God at the same time.

God will allow you to suffer, not only will God allow you to suffer,your suffering will often get worst and worst without a dramatic change.

That applies to this culture. We as a people, and nation have become possessed and influenced by "false idols". We worship celebrities and view them as being better than most people. This is an abomination to God and we are a cursed people because of this. It's a demonic ENERGY that is why their is alot of demonic possession in our culture.

Many children, young people or even adults will emulate and be influenced by these "false idols". Many will listen to these idols, their mentalities and approach to life before listening to their parents or even God himself. Many parents have lost control of the direction of their children due to these "false idols". God will not let that get better, no instead, he will allow things to get worst. This culture has effected both the rich and the poor.

Let me add more clarity, for those who believe in the Bible, when Moses came down off the mountain with the 10 commandments and found his people worshiping "false idols" he did not sighh and say "what a shame, but what can I do, I hope they change". He was forceful in his actions and tone. Just as God was. God destroyed the false idols and many of the people praising them. He was going to kill everyone, but Moses begged him to have mercy, so he killed all first born sons instead.

For those who aren't religious but simply believe in God OMIT the story of Moses. However the Reality and ENERGY of God in terms of what I"m saying is still the same.

God is not a joke, as we can see by the condition of this race, that continues to deteriorate.

False idols need to be torn down and attacked, when they are allowed to linger God will curse everything it influences. The longer it lingers the more damage will be done.

Now once again let's look at our culture. We have a culture that has allowed all the negative ENERGIES we don't want to be apart of our lives to hover over us. God will only allow the destruction of this to get worst and worst.

And what do I mean by it getting worst and worst? Well think about trying to ask the Amber Rose's, Lil Wayne's the Rick Ross's to find God, be better examples and think about the youth.

Haven't we done that over and over again? In the meantime their ENERGY, strength and power of those like them continue to grow at a rapid pace. As this ENERGY is growing it's "sucking in souls" and changing mentalities. When their ENERGY dies down another ENERGY of the same takes it's place.

They are empowered by a strong ENERGY that is not of God that cannot be defeated or torn down through reasoning.

Hopefully you are following me and understand that God allows this to happen. Again, he allows this to happen because we must tear down these ENERGIES. Not doing so would have been similar to Moses coming down off the mountain and just saying "I hope this changes, I hope they find God". In the proces things would have continued to deteriorate at a rapid pace as more and more of his people began to idolize "false Gods".

Now back to Amber Rose, as I explained to Joi I would never ever go out looking for Amber Rose if she was not in the spotlight, nor do I go after or attack women like her period. I do not make a point of trying to find all the "gold diggers" or whores in the community to condemn them. That is God's job, their life is between themselves and God.


When these people place themselves in a position to be a potential "false idol" I will take part in tearing them down. God understands this and supports this. Without doing this as I've said he will allow great destruction to masses of people.

He approves and condones this.

People get confused when thinking about God and mistake the fact that he loves us, with thinking he's "lovey dovey" and let's anything go, he doesn't.

He does not expect people to try and be him and go look for people who have problems and condemn them for them, but he understands forcefully coming against ENERGIES that have placed themselves before the people.


Another example of this is shown in the many videos I watch on YouTube. Positive Black man after positive Black man complain about the fact that many Black women like thugs and treat them like they are insignificant and lame.

Why would God allow something so bizarre to happen?

Well it's because Black people refuse to tear down the "false idols" who promote this ENERGY, those that have alot of influence due to being in the spotlight. In fact many positive Black men support these men also even though they don't represent them.

Due to being caught up in the emotion of this reality they fail to realize they CANNOT be respected or looked at as powerful men as long as those who seem to have dominance are opposite to them.

Do you think God supports them tearing down these negative "false idols" so that their ENERGY shines the brightest? Yes, in fact it's necessary if they want to be considered true Men.

God has allowed the culture to emasculate these men due to their inability or lack of coming against "false idols". He will continue to allow this and they will only have "left overs".

What are "left-overs"? Well left-overs are what these men describe as being forced to have. Women initially ignore them and prefer to be with the "thugs" and "gangstas". Once being used by them they are then open to being with a more positive man. Alot of times most of these women are used and "ran-through" with kids and a long sexual history with these negative men.


The same with Black women. The more they allow low standard, promiscuous, gold-digging, shady women to have the strongest ENERGY in this culture and they support them, they will suffer. They will suffer because Black men consciously or subconsciously detest this, and Black women seem untrustworthy in this era.

Black women support untrustworthy women like Amber Rose, Draya and other negative women but want Black men to view them differently. God will not allow this. Amber Rose and the ENERGY of those like her must be torn down.

God puts his hand on my shoulder because most people don't understand what I've just explained. They feel more comfortable with thinking "God loves me", instead of "God loves me, but..................".

And as I point out in many articles I attack ENERGY, so Amber Rose could be Samber Rose, Lamber rose, Hamber Rose, or Shamber Rose, her ENERGY can not hover over this race, culture and children, without a RAFT from God..................Period.

She can retreat out of the spotlight and find herself, that would be fine. But once she becomes a "false idol" she has to be torn down so that we don't all suffer the "raft of God". I think it's safe to say we have ignored many women like her over the years, and this is why strippers, hoes and opportunist women dominate our culture now. This is why young girls are desensitized to these behaviors.

For those who are religious, remember the Old Testament speaks of God and shows a stern ENERGY.

For those who believe in God but aren't religious or read the Bible, simply absorb his ENERGY and how he allows this world to deteriorate morally.

The following is a scenario of the weak:

Culture: "Amber Rose, what you're doing is a bad message for little girls"
Amber Rose: --Slams Door-- mind thinks--"Bitch I'm getting Paid"
Culture: "Amber please stop sending a message that a woman should use her body to get by.
Amber Rose: Slams Door-- mind thinks--"Bitch I just got paid $50,000 to show up somewhere, please"
Culture: "Amber Jesus loves you, God loves you change your ways"
Amber Rose: --Slams Door--"You know what, I do think they love me maybe I should change" 
Agent Call to Amber Rose: "Amber not only do they have a gig paying you another $50,000 to speak at a school, but they want you in their next movie, and on the cover of 3 magazines"
Amber Rose: "I'm not about to let these opportunities go by, I know God loves me but I'm just in my vain state now, making money honey, I'll change eventually"

Meanwhile she's influencing 1 thousand, 2 thousand, 3 thousand, 20 thousand, 1 million......people

The PROPER scenario:

Culture: "Amber Rose God loves you and I hope you find him but you CAN'T be in the spotlight amongst our young girls who are already confused about life SORRY.
Amber Rose: "Why are you judging me, God doesn't like those that judge, just let me do my thing, mind your business.
Culture: "OK you are a little confused Amber, God does love you but he doesn't want you to be in the position as a "false idol" either, you will influence too many minds, so I hope you find him, and we wouldn't bother you if you weren't in the spotlight but you are." YOU WILL BE LOOKED DOWN ON and NOT SUPPORTED TILL YOU GO"
Amber Rose: " This is not fair, I should be able to do what I want"
Culture: "You can Amber in your everyday life, no one knew you where alive until you revealed yourself, but we can't risk your ENERGY of being worthless spreading".
Amber Rose: "I am not worthless"
Culture: "I'm sure that may be true, hopefully you will find yourself and reveal something better, but you can't play out your issues and confuse these girls who are already confused, some of these girls already think all they have is their body.....................................SORRY YOU MUST GO

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