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Do Black Men Treat Black Women Like Slaves In this Culture?

Ludacris Girlfriend on a Leash

I love to come across people who can connect two ENERGIES even when they seem unrelated. This is something I do often and its important because it allows people to feel the truth even when they don't want to. After-all despite what Society might tell us or what people would like to think The Universe was made to progress in a spiritual way, not an intellectual way. We have evolved physically due to intellect which produces advance technology, but you can go anywhere in the world and see those who do not live by these advancements survive and live in more harmony with each other.

The Universe does not care about a human's intellect; spiritual development which leads to wisdom is more important. When we die The Universe will not ask how far we got in our education and how many degrees do we have. Our character and spiritual development will be the focal point. People forget the importance of spirituality and character development, that's why there's so much misery in social interactions and relationships in our society today. Money and material possessions alone, will not create happiness.

Recently I came across of video on YouTube titled "Effeminization of the Black Male". In this video the speaker visually demonstrated the similarities of how Black women were treated during slavery by Black men and how Black men treat Black women today in music videos.

I will not go on, the following video speaks for itself.

The similarities are undeniable. The sad thing about this is the fact that many Black women will "roll their eyes" and "suck their teeth" because they're trained to accept this. They have been so trained to accept this that I come across annoying. They think it's a normal part of the culture.

It's similar to Black women who go to the club and dance and clap to rappers referring to them as "Bitches" and hoes. Black women are programmed to accept this because most of the other women they know accept it too. They fail to make the connection of how insignificant they're treated by Black men with how they allowed themselves to be treated. People are taught how to respect someone and they learn how far they can go with a person by what that person allows. When it comes to Black women there seems to be no barriers. They get confused by thinking their big mouth means they are not "push overs". Many believe they can't be "walked over".

Here's a Memo: Just because you have a big mouth while someone is treating you like crap doesn't mean you are not being used..Just because you Smile like the women in this video and  smile like Ludacris's girlfriend while being treated like crap doesn't mean you aren't being humiliated.

Don't ask for but DEMAND Respect through NO SUPPORT

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The following movie "Goodbye Uncle Tom" is one of the rawest depictions of slavery that I've ever seen. It makes "Roots" and "Amistad" look like "watered down" versions of slavery. The movie graphically details the journey of Africans to America, the "Breaking in" process of the slaves once here, the conditions they lived under and the sexual abuse they were subjected to both physically and psychologically. In particular it shows the humiliation the slaves were subjected to by the hands of not only the slave masters but other slaves.

Warning Extremely Graphic-----Don't say I didn't warn you

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