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Busta Rhymes and Cash Money? The Real ENERGY of the Music Game

OK, sit back, I'm going to get to Busta Rhymes but first, I want to reveal the real ENERGY of the industry and what The Universe told me is the raw truth.

Do you know the reason celebrities try to stay on top? The answer will shock you!

It's not really due to the public. And some might be saying well it's the obvious, because they need money. Well that plays a part in it. But there's another shocking reason.

So since we are talking about Busta Rhymes I will refer to rappers throughout the rest of this article.

Rappers try to stay on top so they can seem relevant to the peers in their circle. They aren't really concerned with the public or their fans. They only concern themselves with their fans enough to get money out of them. But most of them can't deal with "falling off" in the eyes of their peers or other rappers in their circle.

Confused? Well let me give you two examples that pertain to people in "high places". One outside the industry, one inside the industry.

Take a group of men at a country club, each member want's to feel dominate, powerful and as if they have the most money. So let's take Tom for example, Tom doesn't care what Billy who works in the mail-room of his company thinks even if his job helps hold the company together. Nor does he care what the receptionist Debbie thinks. He wants to shine and "stand-up" to the success of Bob who is a member of the country club with him. He wants to seem relevant in his "elite circle".

Let's look at another ENERGY example that pertains to the industry.

When celebrities have parties or gatherings in the entertainment industry, who do you think is on the guest list. Do you think everyday people, or fans are on the guest list? No, that would bring down the status of the party. Some parties even try to make a point of not inviting "C" or "D" list celebrities because that would make "A" list celebrities mad.

So again, I will point out, fans and the public are only used as currency so that a person can have a "high stock value" amongst those in their immediate circle.

A low conscious person will wonder why many celebrities are actually mean to their fans or treat them insignificantly. It's because they can't and don't relate to their fans. They only entertain them in order to maintain and grow their success. That's why the most humble celebrities are the ones who are just starting out. Once they have their "Sheep"(money) in order they treat them insignificantly because they are not in their circle. They aren't as worthy as them in their eyes. They think this way consciously or subconsciously.

When rappers perform in concert, they love it because the praise gives them ENERGY and makes them feel worshiped. When I was younger my mother told me that most entertainers can't see past the first couple of rows, the lights are too bright. So in other words they don't even know you are alive or that you are there. They simply feed off of your ENERGY and that makes them feel powerful.

If most celebrities had to do a "meet-and-greet" after the show they would die lol, lol. They would hate having to meet everyday people. They want to go to the after-party where they can seem powerful amongst their circle.

This is why many celebrities will reach out and do things specifically for fans right before they're ready to put something out, otherwise they stay in their circle. The only time they emerge is when they feel that they're losing power. They emerge amongst the people just to regain it.

You think Lil Wayne cares what Tyrone back in the 14th Ward of New Orleans thinks of him? As long as he doesn't feel like he'll lose any fans(money) due to Tyrone, he will ignore him. Tyrone makes $20-30 thousand a year and he makes millions.

However, he will feel the need to appear as if he shines brighter than Jay-Z and Kanye. He does feel the need to appear as if he's the top rapper in the game. When he's around his circle he wants to feel like he's the most powerful amongst the powerful.

This is why they have VIP, they don't want to be amongst the "common sheep" those who are simply pawns in helping them seem powerful amongst the powerful. They would die if they had to be amongst "common" people, they would not feel "elite". Listen to a rappers lyrics they brag about this fact all the time.

Let me intercept and add another ENERGY fact that proves this. Ever wonder why celebrities usually ignore you on Twitter and Tweet and spend most of their time Tweeting other celebrities? Again you are not in their circle. That doesn't mean they don't look at the Tweets of others, just to see if their "Sheep"(money's) still in order lol, lol.

However, notice how when they do Tweet a person it's usually in response to something negative Something that can put their image and money at risk, lol, lol Like Jennifer Hudson attacking a "tweeter" who said she had stomach surgery to lose weight. She represents "Weight Watchers" she can't afford that lol.......................You guys will learn how to SEE THROUGH things, just follow the one who asks The Universe for the answers.

OK, OK, I hope most of ya'll have read this far. If you have give yourself a round of applause because long threads don't scare you. In fact you have enough common-sense to realize that though it seems like a lot of writing you can read it under 2-3 minutes.

So now I will briefly address Busta Rhymes, after-all I did point him out in the title didn't I?

First of all Busta Rhymes doesn't care what the public has to say most of them are unemployed or make under $10 dollars an hour, even though I respect these few comments I came across:
@ The end of the day it all boils down to numbers!!! Real or fake, YMCMB is on top right now numbers wise. So why not go with who's gonna produce numbers, real or fake!!! None of y'all would turn down a job at McD's if they were paying $20+ an hr. He just like the rest of us on a grid to get paper. He knows what the expiration date is like for older rappers nowadays, so he just chasing paper right now. Can u blame him???
Dis nigga bussa bus is a failure....he been in da game since 1990( leaders of a new school for u lil niggas dat don't know ) and he still signin with other niggas......his infamous flipmode squad never succeeded.....he's a failure.......sidebar...I notice niggas everywhere be bumpin dat watch the throne but I don't hear shit about weezy bum ass album.....Weezy last album set the standard for a new term called SHIT HOP!!! AAAAAAaaaaaaaaahhhh Hahahahahaha.....yo I hope bus don't make no shit like dizat!!
OK as the commenter said, Busta Rhymes has been out for decades. Since the early 90's in fact. He hasn't always been on top and has struggled like many other rappers. He could have gone independent due to the Industry not wanting to deal with him any longer. I'm sure he has some fans, even many that would have respected him going independent, then he could build from their.

But once again, that's not logical to him, he wants to attach himself to a wagon that is already powerful, that would make him seem the most powerful and allow him to make the most money. He wants to affiliate himself with those who already seem successful and feed from that like a vampire. He can walk around attached to the "Cash Money" name and be affiliated with who's hot right now and those who are making money.

Anything else would be a continued sign of his falling off or not being worthy around the "Big Ballers".

Poor Busta, he's a 40-year old man, who went from being hot in the rap game and having his own label. To being so desperate to shine again and make money he's trying to sign with the Brothers in the South who are hot right now.

By the way, when do Black Men grow up and show a Mentality Change? I guess with rap you have to stay "forever young".........OK that's another article, lol

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